Check High League results 6. Najman, PashaBiceps, Dubiel, Za³ęcki. Who won?

Mateusz “Haribo” Gąsiewski, brother of the famous actress Wiktoria Gąsiewska, entered the cage again. And he lost again. Roger Salla triumphed at the freak High League 6 gala, making a dream debut. This is how the gala in the Katowice saucer began.

“Daro Lew” finally won

It was the quintessential freak fight. Dariusz “Daro Lew” Kaźmierczuk and Kacper “Ludwiczek” Bociański met in the cage. The former is considered the worst Polish MMA fighter who loses almost all his fights. Almost, because out of 12 fights he only wins one. “Daro Lew” is so weak that freak federations came for him. In turn, “Ludwiczek” just made his debut in the cage. And although he stood up to Kaźmierczuk, “Daro Lew” won on points, winning only the second time in his career.

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Suzuki Boxing Night in Łomża

Embarrassing. The whole hall started to whistle

Denis Załęcki cheated the fans again. And although it’s strong, it seems to be the right word. Once again he joined the fight with an injury and again his knee started to bother him, which was why he was counted at the beginning of the fight. And once he realized he couldn’t beat Tyburski, he started fouling him with illegal kicks. Well deservedly disqualified. He won the embarrassment contest. And the whole hall started to whistle.

His father Dawid, who lasted three rounds with Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn, showed a much better side, but lost on points.

The best man won

Paweł Jóźwiak can’t fight, but this ability is not necessary to defeat Marcin Najman, so he was the favorite of Saturday’s clash anyway. The more so that he won their first fight, when at the gala Wotore knocked out the citizen of Częstochowa in a dozen or so seconds. But the rematch failed.

Najman hit Jóźwiak several times in the first round, and in the second round he kicked the front leg of the FEN president. At the beginning of the third round, Jóźwiak sent his rival to the boards, but on the ground floor, he did not know what to do. He didn’t throw any punches at all. And although he won the last round, he lost the previous ones, so Najman can boast of winning. The first win since last year, when he defeated the 61-year-old (!) “Miśka from Nadarzyn”.

Najman showed what he can do. Impossible does not exist. Three rounds and judges decision

“PashaBiceps” lost consciousness

Marcin Dubiel concert! The competitor of Warsaw’s Uniq Fight Club choked Jarosław Jarząbkowski for so long that the legendary “PashaBiceps” sailed away. And Dubiel became a full-fledged High League star.

PashaBiceps“PashaBiceps” lost consciousness. Moments of horror in the High League. Everyone froze

High League 6 Event Results:

  • Marcin Dubiel def. Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski via submission (guillotine choke) in round 1
  • Lexy Chaplin def. Paulina Hornik by TKO (mounted punches) in the 2nd round
  • Pawel “Tybori” Tyburski def. Denis “Bad Boy” Załęcki by disqualification (knee and kick) – boxing fight in small gloves
  • Marcin “El Testosteron” Najman def. Paweł “President of FEN” Jóźwiak by unanimous decision of the judges
  • Mateusz “Don Diego” Kubiszyn def. Dawid “Crazy” Załęcki by unanimous decision of the judges – fight in the K-1 formula in small gloves
  • Denis Labriga def. Konrad Karwat by TKO (chin and ground strikes) in the 1st round
  • Dariusz “Daro Lew” Kazmierczuk def. Kacper “Ludwiczek” Bociański by unanimous decision of the judges
  • Tomasz “Crazy Reporter” Matysiak room. Michał Cichy by unanimous decision of the judges
  • Roger Salla def. Mateusz “Haribo” Gąsiewski by TKO (punches) in the 1st round


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