Château-Renault: a badminton option at the start of the school year at Lycée Beauregard

Posted on 2023-03-21 at 18:48 | Updated on 2023-03-21 at 18:48

In the foreground, Maëlyss, from the Badminton club of the Portes de Touraine, playing a match, Saturday March 18, in the Beauregard gymnasium.

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The departmental committee of Indre-et-Loire badminton entrusted the organization of the fourth youth departmental trophy of the season to the BCPT (Badminton club des Portes de Touraine) on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March.

The club’s volunteers were active all weekend so that the 227 registered players played their 380 matches at the Beauregard gymnasium. Michaël Vaugoyeau, the president of the club, explains that, during the sports year, of the seven stages that make up the youth departmental trophy, the BCPT generally organizes one.

In this large gymnasium dedicated more particularly to badminton with its nine courts drawn on the ground, Michaël Vaugoyeau explains that the students of Beauregard high school will now have access to a badminton option from the start of the school year. To register, no sporting level is required, you just need “motivated people”. After one or two years, the option could possibly be transformed into a badminton sports section.


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