Chapu Nocioni destroyed Che García after the scandal in the basketball team: “Something must have been done”

Andrés Nocioni destroyed the former coach of the Argentine basketball team for his problematic departure from the national team. The “Chapu” had no filter when giving the opinion of the coach who belonged to the “Albiceleste”left his post in a confusing episode and months later he qualified with the Dominican Republic for the 2023 World Cup which will take place in Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

In dialogue with the media double doublehe former athlete and current NBA commentator responded to DT’s statementswho maintained: “No one knows why I am not in the Argentine team, only two people know and then it’s all guesswork. Neither he nor I will ever say. Pacts are pacts. I have nothing to say, it’s all good.” After learning this, Nocioni, Olympic champion in Athens 2004 and member of the Golden Generationnothing was saved.

Nocioni destroyed “Che” García

‘Che’ seems like a great guy to me. I think that if the National Team decided to do without him or remove him, something bad will have done. I do not believe that in the middle of a process such a drastic decision is made just like that. It does not seem to me that even if I am against this leadership, it is not going to immolate itself in this way. I saw some statements that it was a ‘sympathetic dismissal’. Well, also evaluate what you did to make this happen. Likewise, all the best vibes with ‘Che’but that seems to me that it harms him a lot”, initially launched the “Chapu”.

Besides, the former player spoke about what happened at the end of the match in which the National Team said goodbye to the World Cup illusion. “He did not ask to be lifted, It seems to me that the same players grab him from behind and pick him up. The field wanted to eat him, he noticed and then right away. Go down, she goes to greet Pablo (Prigioni) and Leo (Gutiérrez) and goes to the locker room. I don’t blame him. Besides, if he is with that team, he has to be as professional as possible. In that case, I would have gone to say hello quickly and went to the locker room, but it is also true that there were little things going around“. With the latter, he referred to the Dominicans celebrate with the coach and how they hugged him after the victory in Mar del Plata.

Finally, notion added: “There is also pride in oneself and it shows that he was hurt. And that also gives you personal satisfaction as if to say ‘They were wrong or did you see what happened’. But getting to judge that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think it’s bad for that. I find his statements more complicated as saying “It seems that he was not fired in the best way”. Something will have done, evaluate yourself personally. Sometimes self-criticism is not bad. I wish everyone would do it. If she had done it, she would have looked better.”

The words of “Che” García about his departure from the National Team

“I gave Argentina the best I had to give. I won 11 games and lost two with the national team. Yesterday, I won the fourth game with the Dominican Republic, plus the 6 with Argentina, from the 12-game tie, I won 10 with both. I had to go in. I have nothing wrong with anyone in Argentina. I lead and give my best to the people who believed in me at the time. It hurts me that Argentina did not qualify. We could both be classified, but the results on Thursday were different. I am Argentine, I am Che García“He told about his performance in the national cast.

The victory meant a more than important milestone for the Dominican national team, and García revealed an important call he received: “The president of the Dominican Republic (Luis Abinader) called me and he let me know that it is the most important victory in the history of basketball for the country. And, not only that, but at the same time he was going to make world news. When a country that chooses you, looks for you, when the players throw you up, it is the most normal thing to celebrate. Yesterday we achieved the most important result in the country’s history.”


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