Cdmx recognizes basketball teams in the Federated Championship

marti batresSecretary of Government (Secgob) led the award ceremony for the basketball teams, from various municipalities, that participated in the Federated Championship for Peace 2023.

In it Deportivo Bondojito, located in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, the official stressed that the government of Mexico City, works to guarantee the right to sport in the capital, as it is a mechanism that allows building community and uniting society.

“Sport is a mechanism for social cohesion that allows us to build a community, and by building a community, it helps us combat antisocial behavior, including criminal behavior. For this reason, we make a community with sports, and at the same time, we build peace, ”he said.

In a statement, he added that sometimes it is thought that the best athletes are in the elites, but this is not always the case, because, he assured, when this topic is discussed, it is known that the best come from the most popular neighborhoods.

“For this reason, today we come to a sports car in La Bondojito, to Gustavo A. Madero, because many athletes have come from here in the box and in other branches; What’s more, I want to say it like this: the most badass athletes come out of the popular neighborhoods, that’s the truth, that’s why we come here today, ”he commented.

He Government Secretary reiterated that, just as there are rights to educationfood and housing, there is also the right to sport, so institutions must work so that everyone has access to this guarantee.

At the ceremony were the president of the Mexican Basketball Federation, Israel Hermosillo; the municipal president of Jojutla, Morelos, Juan Ángel Flores Bustamante, and the president of the Basketball Association of Mexico City, German Juárez.



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