Cassano: «Benfica scares any team. Plays much better than Inter» – Benfica

Former Italian striker is a Milanese fan, but has no doubts

Antonio Cassano is known for the directness with which he expresses his opinions and it was with this attitude that he anticipated the Champions League quarter-final matches. In particular the duel between Benfica and ‘his’ Inter Milan, which the former striker considers to be very inclined towards the Portuguese side. And not even the fact that he is a former player and an avowed Milanese fan can change his mind. “Inter played badly in the first leg and in the second [diante do FC Porto]. They were very lucky and managed to qualify. And they are my team, but they got through with a lot of luck and not because they deserved it. Benfica, together with Napoli, is one of the positive surprises of this Champions League. They play wonderful football, they scare any team. They play much better than Inter and will move on”, he considered, to BoboTV, quoted by the Football Italia portal. “I hope that my team will qualify, but I am analyzing things. Benfica is a solid team, they play better and they are more proactive, much better than Inter. If someone tells me that Inter is much stronger than Benfica, I ask: based on what?”, added the former 40-year-old striker.

By Fábio Lima


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