Carolina Marín and Paris 2024 as a goal



Carolina Marín, a soccer player from Huelva, Olympic badminton champion in Rio de Janeiro 2016, assured that she has fully recovered from her knee injury and that she feels capable of “being competitive” in Paris 2024.

“I have very good feelings,” he said in the act of renewing his sponsorship agreement with LaLiga soccer, in which he expressed his desire that companies and entities bet on women athletes.

“The injury was an adversity. I have overcome the obstacle and I see myself capable of being very competitive in the face of the Olympic Games in Paris,” he said. “I’m still motivated because I’m stubborn,” she stressed.

“When I broke my knee,” he continued, “two months before Tokyo, I thought that maybe those Olympic Games weren’t for me and that there were only 3 years left to try again.”

“The sensations to this day are very good. I have spent a difficult year and a half in which my knee has not allowed me to push myself and bear the workload. Since December of last year, my knee hasn’t hurt, I’m enjoying myself again and I feel competitive again, ”he insisted.

“Right now I focus more on the short term, but when we focus all the concentration will focus on those Games. Once we are there, the goal is to win the gold,” he said.

Carolina Marín, who on Wednesday renewed a collaboration agreement with LaLiga that began in 2017, stressed that “if you invest in athletes, great professionals can be born in the future.”

On International Women’s Day, Marín emphasized the increase in the female presence in the world of sports: “It is growing” and in a “very positive” way.

“I don’t like to separate women and men from different sides. We should talk about sport in general,” said Carolina Marín, who has Rafael Nadal as a reference, but asserted that she can feel inspired “by any woman of any sport in any country”.

“We are on the right track” towards equality, but “there is still a long way to go,” said the Olympic champion.

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