Campus Tijuana teams debut in LIBAE basketball

This Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the first season of the LIBAE (Baja California Student Basketball League), whose objective is to support the best preparatory teams of the entity in this discipline. Among them, those of CETYS University Campus Tijuana.

Said opening day is in the Gym-Auditorium “Rodrigo Valle Hernández”where Women’s Foxes TIJ receives the Dolphins from the Emma de la Vega School at 4:00 in the afternoon and Foxes Manly TIJ to Lynces from CETIS 58 at 5:30.

“The boys deserve to play in a league worthy of their talent, where they can fully develop. The mere fact of being on the court and facing real competition will allow our teams to receive better sports and sustainable scholarship offers. Ten men’s squads and eight women’s squads looking to raise their educational institution”mentioned the mtro. Cesar Valenciacoach of Women’s Foxes TIJ and founding member of the LIBAE.

This circuit, being of an official nature, will provide the teams of CETYS Tijuana and from other institutions a higher level of competitiveness to face other important tournaments, as well as improve the expectations of each basketball player and their university future.

“It is a very interesting project because it will create better opportunities for our professional future -added Fernando Baez (Foxes Manly TIJ)-. From my point of view, the LIBAE He doesn’t just want to have the best high school basketball; it also aims to promote an environment of healthy competition on the field and in the stands. It will be a good sporting and family show”.

The competition system will be to face all the opponents in the regular phase, classifying the four best quintets of each branch to the Semifinals; there will also be macro days with all the squads in a single venue. The Finals will be held at the end of May.

“It seems to me of the utmost importance to emphasize that basketball is a catapult for the interaction between student-athletes from our house and from other schools. On the other hand, it is motivating that the organizers offer recognition to the most outstanding players in most of the statistics, which will give us a better parameter of individual performance. And finally, I like that they will be meetings during the week because the student community will be present in the seats”concluded the player Georgina Correia (Women’s Foxes TIJ).

As part of the dissemination and preparation, this Saturday, April 1, the InterPrepas Basketball Cup “Rodrigo Valle Hernández” in Campus Tijuana and with the teams belonging to the LIBAE. Actions begin at 9:30 a.m.



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