Cameroon files a reservation, Gabon retaliates!

Eliminated on Tuesday by Gabon (0-1, 1-0, 6-7 on pens) during the last round of qualifying for the CAN U23, Cameroon saw its dreams of participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games come to an end. But the Indomitable Cubs may not have said their last word!

Indeed, the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) has filed a reservation to contest the eligibility of the opposing winger, Floriss Djave (19 years old). Enosis player Neon Paralimniou (Cyprus) is accused by Cameroonians of having a double identity. According to the body chaired by Samuel Eto’o, his name would actually be Floriss Ndjave and would be 25 years old, too old to play in U23.

Fegafoot defends itself

Officially seized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the Gabonese Football Federation (Fegafoot) reacted this Friday through a press release. “Fegafoot wishes to reassure national and international opinion that it remains calm about the accusations made against its player Floriss Djave. In fact, she reassures that the latter, passed through different selections of young people, was indeed born on 07/29/2003 in Lambaréné. And that therefore, is eligible to play this competition“, assured the Panthers, who intend to prove their good faith.

«To this end, the Gabonese Football Federation will transmit its defense elements to CAF in the next few hours. While leaving it to the opposing party to provide irrefutable proof of the fraud on the player’s age“, tackled the instance. “In addition, after the qualification acquired on the ground, the federal teams are hard at work to prepare their selection as well as possible.“. The soap opera may have only just begun!



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