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While the Boston Bruins are the top team in the entire league, the Hurricanes are in first place in the Metropolitan Division and are already guaranteed a playoff spot, but unlike Boston, who are already guaranteed the No. 1 spot in the Atlantic Division, the Hurricanes can still fall lower.

Boston managed to take a 3-1 lead late in the game, but a two-goal lead slipped away early in the third period when Carolina scored twice in a two-minute span. The winner had to be decided in a shootout, where Boston was better.

“Bruins” has therefore won the 57th victory of the season in 73 games and maintains a solid lead in the league. Boston has accumulated 119 points and is safely marching towards the President’s Cup. The closest follower in the table is the Hurricanes, who have 103 points and ten more games left in the regular season.

Meanwhile, a very productive game was played in Los Angeles, where the “Kings” beat the “Blues” 7:6. This was the 12th game in a row for the “Kings” team, which managed to finish without a loss in regular time, that is, by scoring at least one point. This is a club record.

Victor Arvidsson scored three points (2+1) for Los Angeles, and Adrian Kempe also scored two goals.

Toronto “Maple Leafs” also won, beating Nashville 3:2. John Tavares scored two goals in this game, and “Predators” did not use the opportunity to get closer to the “play-off” zone, from which they are five points behind.

NHL game results

Teams Rez.
Coyotes-Avalanche 3:4 PM
Hurricanes-Bruins 3:4 PM
Predators-Maple Leafs 2:3
Blackhawks-Canucks 2:4
Kings-Blues 7:6

NHL standings

Metropolises S P Atlantic S P Central S P Pacific Ocean S P
[x] Hurricanes 72 103 [x] Bruins 73 119 Wild 73 93 Golden Knights 73 98
[x] Devils 73 100 Maple Leafs 73 97 Avalanche 72 92 Kings 73 96
Rangers 73 96 Lightning 74 90 Stars 73 92 Oilers 73 91
Islanders 74 83 Panthers 73 79 Jets 74 85 Kraken 72 88
Penguins 73 82 Sabres 72 76 Predators 72 80 Flames 74 81
Capitals 74 76 Senators 73 75 Blues 73 72 Canucks 73 73
Flyers 72 68 Red Wings 72 71 [e] Coyotes 74 66 [e] Ducks 73 56
[e]BlueJackets 72 53 Canadiens 73 64 [e]Blackhawks 73 54 [e] Sharks 73 53

[x] – qualified for the playoffs, [e] – lost hope for the playoffs.

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