broke his knee in practice

It will be low for more than six months and cannot be replaced, since the Avellaneda club is inhibited.

it costs Independent receive good news. The team has not won since the first date of the tournament and has not managed to rebound. Your DT, Leandro Stillitano, is in sight. Salary claims for debts accumulated from the recent past continue to grow. And to make matters worse, this week started in the worst way for the Rojo. Thomas Pozzoone of the players with the greatest projection from the academy, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and will be out for more than six months. There is more: he cannot bring any reinforcement in his place since he is inhibited.

All wrong. Avellaneda’s team cannot get out of the negative streak. Neither in the results nor in the day to day. This Independent who wants to change the wave but ends up colliding with a harsh reality is having a hard time getting back together.

And the spirit of the group, already damaged by the bad performances, had another blow this Monday. Toto Pozzo was part of the reduced soccer practice at Villa Domínico. He went to dispute a ball with Javier Báez and his left leg stuck to the grass while his knee turned.

Concern rose instantly in training due to the pain of the inferior player who had lost ownership although he had been a replacement in the second half. The doctors examined him and detected the injury that was later confirmed by rigorous medical studies.

“The soccer player suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during practice this morning at Villa Domínico. He will require between 6 and 8 months of recovery”reported the official medical report issued by the club after the results of the check-ups were known.

“Thank you very much for the good energy. This sport is full of misfortunes and today we have to go through one of the worst, but we will move forward with love and dedication to what I love the most. Up always”the attacker posted in an Instagram story.

Beyond the fact that Pozzo was not part of the starting eleven, Independiente is left without a valuable footballer who provided a change of pace and an interesting alternative in attack. He had recently renewed his contract with the institution for two more years, until December 2025.

Can Red find a replacement?

Under normal circumstances, in the face of this type of serious injury that requires an extensive recovery and rehabilitation of the injured player, the team is authorized by the AFA to be able to have a reinforcement quota. However, Independiente will not have that possibility.

Because? From Viamonte 1366 they would effectively give him the green light to incorporate, but the club is currently financially inhibited by FIFA as a result of the large debt it carries with América de México.

The Mexican entity claims the unpaid pass of the player Cecilio Domínguez, arrived under the management of Hugo Moyano when Ariel Holan was the coach. Independiente never made the full payment for this purchase, which was the most expensive in the history of Diablo.

How much do you owe? El Rojo has to pay 5.7 million dollars, money that he does not have today. The current leadership plans to lift this inhibition in the middle of the year to be able to bring players in the next market. Of course he did not count on this significant loss. However, for the moment he will remain tied hand and foot to find a replacement for Pozzo.


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