Brian Fernández appeared at a relative’s house

Football player Brian Fernandez appeared in the last few hours in the province of Santa Fe after several days of searching. He triggered the alarms about his whereabouts after missing several training sessions Colón and of what your car appears abandoned and vandalized on public roads.

“He was at the home of a relative”confirmed from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of the Santa Fe Ministry of Security, after it was found by the Santa Fe Police, and assured: “The player is accompanied by a team of professionals”.

Sharp decision by Pipo Gorosito with Brian Fernández in Colón: “That’s it”

After find abandoned bmw vehicle on Peñaloza avenue and Doldán street, the authorities began to track the player to the home of a relative, the AIC explained in a statement. There “troopers went together with the Prosecutor of the Whereabouts Office, Dr. Fontana, and managed to verify its presence, its identity and state of health“.

The car that the former Metz player from France was driving, a gray BMW, was found on Monday, March 20, with the broken glass, without a wheel and without a mirror in the vicinity of the Altos de Noguera neighborhood and it was the neighbors who reported the presence of the vehicle.

In addition, as reported by the Santa Fe media Aire Digitalinside the car no documentation of the footballer was found and only the green identification card was found in the name of the previous owner, who, according to information, would be a native of Buenos Aires.

This is how the vehicle that would have been used by the footballer appeared.

Despite the fact that there are still not many details about what happened, and that the Police continue to investigate the fact, a neighbor spoke with diary ONE of Santa Fe and affirmed that the car had been abandoned on sunday morning after a person on a motorcycle took its occupant. However, she clarified that she could not recognize anyone.

This is not the first time that the player The 28-year-old starred in an extra football episode during his career, on the contrary, he has been involved in several complicated situations, always linked to the problem substance use.

Pipo Gorosito had decided to separate him from the squad

Last Friday the 17th, the coach of Colón de Santa Fe, Nestor “Pipo” Gorositoconfirmed that I would no longer take Brian Fernández into account as part of the squad after he spent two days without showing up for training.

“He missed two training sessions. He didn’t have permission. I told him I was giving him a chance and I gave him two… that’s it”sentenced the coach at a press conference and added: “He has to talk to the people of the club to see how he continues. I am not a psychologistI must give priority to the group”.

Pipo Gorosito
The coach confirmed that he will no longer take Fernández into account within the team.

He former gymnastics coach He emphasized his intention to give the footballer new opportunities but was unsuccessful: “It happened to him many times. I spoke to him as a father, as a neighborhood kid that he is also. It is an issue that must be resolved by him. I can’t say something for which I’m not trained“.

Brian Fernandez He had returned to Colón in February of this year after being arrested in October 2022 in the Yapeyú neighborhood of Santa Fe for stone a collectivean episode that led to his hospitalization at the Iturraspe Hospital for a “acute mental health picture, a psychotic break”.

Brian Fernández spoke to the fans on his return to Colón: “I never wanted to hurt people”

In this frame, began a rehabilitation treatment and returned to Sabalero. “I’m fine, I really want to reverse the situation. I never wanted to hurt anyone. It is a personal problem that I have to fight day by day and I try to improve to do better, but I never wanted to do any harm to the fans,” he said at the time. TyC Sports.

He himself emerged from Defense and Justice and then had a jump to Racing, which allowed him to leave the country and play for Metz in France, Unión La Calera in Chila, Necaxa in Mexico and the Portland Timbers in the United States. However, due to his personal problems he returned to the Santa Fe club for the 2019/20 season, due to his low level he went to Ferro in 2021/22 and later returned to sabalero with a contract that expires in June of this year.


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