Boris Becker advertises window dealers

Den Germans are often accused of treating their fallen idols badly. Jan Ullrich, Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker – all praised earlier and then dropped all the more deeply. But is the prejudice correct? Using the example of Boris Becker, one can observe in real time whether the Germans really don’t give second chances.

The former tennis star was released from prison in the UK three months ago after 231 days. He was imprisoned there because he had concealed assets worth millions from his insolvency administrators. On Friday, Becker reported back as an advertising figure: The 55-year-old presented his partnership with the retailer “” in Berlin.

“I am in good negotiations with my insolvency administrator”

In the commercial, which will be shown for the first time on Saturday in the ARD “Sportschau”, he throws money out of the window, the slogan is: “Don’t throw your money out of the window!” His creditors were not very enthusiastic of the plan, one of them foamed in the “Bild” newspaper: “Becker’s time in prison was clearly too short. He ignores reality – just like before imprisonment.”

The creditors in particular should be happy about Becker’s business acumen, after all he has to pass on part of his income to the insolvency administrator. And “” belongs to the Stuttgart company Neuffer Fenster + Türen GmbH, which made a profit of more than one million euros in 2020 and should therefore be able to pay Becker properly.

During his tennis career, Becker earned about $25 million from advertising, according to his estimate. So why shouldn’t he get back into the business now? Becker said on Friday: “It’s a new beginning. I am in good negotiations with my insolvency administrator. I hope to find a good and fair solution quickly. I have to earn money for that.”

Becker has long since resumed the German tennis scene. Tommy Haas just called him his “absolute tennis idol”. Andrea Petkovic said that Becker was “the most generous person” when it came to career advice: “I’ll defend him with my life.” So maybe the Germans can pull it off with the second chance after all. It would only be more surprising if Becker could do it too.


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