Bologna-Lazio: the show “lights up” in the stands

For the 26th day of Serie A, the Renato Dall’Ara stadium is sold out in the match between Bologna and Lazio. About four thousand fans are expected from the capital, a truly important number that serves as the icing on the cake in an evening that – for once – restores a minimum of dignity to our ramshackle top division. At least for the visual impact, certainly not for what you will see on the pitch.

The Bolognese public confirms its excellent seasonal average, which is around twenty thousand presences. A square which, despite flat championships and without major jolts for several years now, pours all its unshakable passion for football onto the bleachers. And, more generally, for sport. The mirror of a tradition that between stadium and arena makes the capital of Emilia a real crossroads when it comes to attachment.

At the entrance of the teams, the Curva Andrea Costa “lights up”; several torches produce a truly remarkable effect. It may be that it is increasingly rare to see them, but fireworks are always one of the best choreographies. Definitely one that you can’t go wrong with. Furthermore, they have the value of highlighting the whole media system which in general is ready to condemn a politically incorrect choir or banner, only to then use photos or images of a torch for their commercials, making – in fact – apology for a crime (sic!) During the ninety minutes the support of the rossoblùs will be good, alternating long-lasting choruses with handfuls and several choruses to respond. In addition to the traditional insults aimed at the historic Biancocelesti enemies.

Lazio who, as mentioned, are numerous and colorful in Emilia. Lots of flags, scarves swirled on several occasions and a cheer that always remains at good levels, well coordinated by Ultras Lazio.

In the end the only show will be the one offered by the two supporters. The game ends with a boring 0-0, a reflection of our derelict football and a bad spot for anyone who still loves this sport. After the last teasing, i supporter Emilians leave the stadium, while for those guests it will be necessary to wait about forty minutes. Nothing to report in terms of public order.

Fabio Bisio


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