Blinken’s statements on drug control occurred under pressure: Ebrard – El Sol de México

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard considered that the statements of the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenduring his appearance before the US Senate and where he stated that drug trafficking controls some regions of Mexicothey gave under a lot of pressure.

“I saw him in a hearing very pressured…but he said Mexico is doing a lotI just saw him right now, what he is doing is appearing, “said Ebrard,

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Ebrard says that the fentanyl issue is a matter of “politicking”

The Mexican foreign minister insisted that the attacks that our country has received from some US politicianswho have said that Mexico does not do enough to stop fentanyl trafficking and they have even proposed declaring the Mexican cartels as terrorists and using the US Army to fight them, It is a matter of “politicking” in the middle of the electoral process in the United States.

“You have to see who they come from. There is an electoral process in the United States; a few years ago, in the electoral process the topic was Mexico and migrationbut since now the migration numbers have gone down, so now it’s the issue of fentanylEbrard said.

He added that it is very unfortunate that this drug is causing many deaths in the United States, but from that to blame Mexico, when our country has seized more than six tons of fentanyl with which six billion pills could be produced. he talks about it being “pure politicking.”

“So how dare they say that we are not doing anything that is politicking there are the datas. The bicentennial understanding is being successful and not falling into this type of provocation of false arguments, ”he stressed.

The chancellor referred directly to the Republican senator Lindsey Graham, who during the appearance insisted on declaring the Mexican cartels terrorist groups and he said that what he wants is to set up his entire campaign based on disqualifying Mexico.

“Ethat is politicking, and he knows that what he is saying is false. I believe that it is an electoral resource and we have to be aware of that and it is not new, it was the last campaign. So we are going to defend ourselves and we are going to say what we have to say and not lose our cool,” added Ebrard.

Blinken acknowledges seizure of fentanyl in Mexico

Yes ok, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there are areas where there is no government controlemphasized the efforts of the Mexican government in the fight against fentanyl.

“We have done different things to focus intensely on this issue with Mexico.. We are working very closely together“said the leader of US diplomacy.

Blinken acknowledged that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador “has arrested dozens of leaders of criminal organizations in the last year,” has dismantled fentanyl manufacturing labs with the “assistance” of the United States and has seized “record amounts” of fentanyl.

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The United States Financial Intelligence Unit is also working with the Mexican company to “dismantle the economic networks” of drug trafficking, however, admitted that there is still a very high production of this drug that causes thousands of overdose deaths each year in the United States.



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