Biathlon – Pursuit of Oslo (H): Fillon Maillet second behind the untouchable J.Boe

Published on March 18, 2023 at 1:43 p.m.

Aurélie Sacchelli

Author of a faultless, Quentin Fillon Maillet finished second in the pursuit of Oslo this Saturday, 32 seconds behind the winner, the untouchable Johannes Boe, winner of the small globe of the discipline.

After the fog on Friday, which led to the postponement of the women’s sprint, the good weather was back in Oslo, and the men’s pursuit was able to take place without incident. A pursuit won by the king of this season, Johannes Boe, who signs his fifteenth victory of the 2022-23 financial year. Winner of the sprint on Thursday with a 24 second lead over Martin Ponsiluoma and 29 over Benedickt Doll, the Norwegian had a smooth race, as he took the lead at all the intermediate crossing points. He only made one mistake, on his third shot, which lost him twenty seconds to his then runner-up, Sturla Laegreid, but Boe had a mattress comfortable enough to afford a second mistake, which was not the case. The 29-year-old biathlete therefore wins his sixth pursuit of the season and logically wins the small globe of the specialty.

A second podium for Fillon Maillet

And behind him, it was ultimately not Sturla Laegreid who took second place, but Quentin Fillon! Starting seventh at 56 seconds from Boe, the Frenchman managed a magnificent clear shot to finish 32 seconds behind his rival. Moved up to fourth after the first shot, then to third after the second shot, ‘QFM’ tipped to second thanks to the final shot, which saw Sturla Laegreid make his first mistake. The Frenchman finally finished 17 seconds ahead of the Norwegian and climbed on his second podium of the season in an individual event. Enough to end the season on a good note (even if it will remain the mass-start on Sunday) and send a message to the coaches of the Blues who have decided to leave their post. Fabien Claude finished in a good fifth place after starting in 19th.

Final classification (12.5km) – Saturday March 18, 2023
1- Johannes Boe (NOR) in 32’34 (1 shooting error)
2- Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA) at 32″7 (0)
3- Sturla Laegreid (NOR) at 49″1 (1)
4- Benedikt Doll (ALL) à 55″3 (2)
5- Fabien Claude (FRA) at 1’00″4 (1)
6- Niklas Hartweg (SUI) at 1’08″1 (0)
7- Martin Ponsiluoma (SUE) at 1’19″5 (4)
8- Simon Eder (AUT) at 1’25″1 (1)
9- Michal Krcmar (RTC) at 1’27″5 (9)
10- Tommaso Giacomel (ITA) at 1’27″9 (2)

23- Antonin Guigonnat (FRA) at 2’39″3
38- Eric Perrot (FRA) at 4’05″6 (3)



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