Bertans makes one long shot in 15 minutes; The Mavericks have a 16-point advantage

In the regular championship game of the National Basketball Association (NBA) on Monday, March 20, Dāvis Bertāns scored three points, but the Dallas Mavericks, the team he represents, did not protect the 16-point advantage gained at the end of the third quarter and with 108:112 (28:30, 32:27 , 36:26, 12:29) lost to Memphis Grizzlies.

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Bertans played 15:15 minutes in the match, during which he made one of four long shots, but missed the only two-point shot. The Latvian also has two assists, one rebound and three personal notes.

A minute before the end of the third quarter, Kyrie Irving scored +16 for the “Mavericks” (96:80), but after 30 seconds, Bertans missed a long three-point shot that could have further increased the advantage of the Dallas team. “Grizzlies” made a long shot at the end of the quarter, but in the last quarter, they destroyed the advantage of “Mavericks” and took the lead with 104:103. Although “Mavericks” regained the lead a moment later, at the end of the match “Grizzlies” basketball players were more convincing, celebrating the victory with a four-point advantage.

Without Luka Doncic playing, Irving led the Mavericks with 28 points, while Jaden Hardy and Christian Wood scored 20 points each, who also had nine rebounds. Jaren Jackson led the winners with 28 points, Santi Aldama had 22 points and 14 rebounds, Desmond Bain had 17 points and Tyus Jones had 16 points.

In the overall standings of the NBA Western Conference, the “Mavericks” with 36 victories in 72 games occupy the seventh place, being safely in the so-called “play in” zone, but one victory behind the sixth place and direct entry into the playoffs. On Wednesday, the Dallas team will host their direct competitor in the fight for the “play off” zone, the NBA champion Golden State “Warriors”.


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