Berrettini defends himself against criticism for his relationship

Matthew Berrettini He is not living his best days. The Italian does not finish finding the sensations on the track in this 2023, accumulating early defeats in the big tournaments he attends (the last one in his debut in Indian Wells 2023) and diminished by various physical discomforts that prevent him from taking some continuity. As if that were not enough, the poor results on the track are overshadowed by the controversies and the media storm off it. Since he announced his relationship with the famous influencer Melissa Sattaex-partner of soccer players and various members of the tabloids in their country, many took the floor to influence Matteo’s lack of concentration and professionalism, including transalpine tennis legends such as Nicholas Pietrangelli.

Caps needed fend and he has done it from the heart, showing himself hurt by many of the comments he has received. In an interview with La Repubblica, Matteo has spoken loud and clear to defend, first of all, his new relationship. “Right now I am in a romantic relationship, as are many people my age. It is completely normal, and it is a shame that something so positive, such a positive feeling, after all, is labeled as a ‘professional distraction’ Beyond the haters, I feel sorry that they come from people who know about tennis: not constructive criticism and I don’t understand the reasonssentenced the Roman, in a possible reference to the words of Pietrangeli, who accused him of thinking too much about fame and entertainment and not focusing enough on tennis.

And it is that Matteo insists that nothing has changed. He is still the same ambitious and hard-working tennis player looking to reach the top of tennis, although he is aware that being in the public eye provokes this type of commentary. “The more exposed you are, and I’m not even saying I’m famous, the more likely you are to be the target of these types of attacks, especially if things don’t go the way you would like, or the way people would like. Personally I have no doubts about what I’m doing, I don’t feel like I’ve taken a different path to tennis. I’m the same old guyaffirms Berrettini convinced, showing himself satisfied with his training and preparation regimen.

Not only he has been the target of criticism in his country. He’s not going through a hot streak either. Lorenzo Musettiwhile Jannik Sinner also had to bear the brunt of fierce criticism in various sections of 2022. Matteo reduces all the noise to unrealistic expectations created by the dominance of the Big Three in past times. “You are not always in your best shape at the performance level. We are human: there are emotions, accidents, fatigue. Doesn’t this happen in all sports? I understand that we have become used to Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, who have dominated tennis and they have made it normal to be number one for ten years… but it is not normal“.


Berrettini’s relief also includes a reflection on his physique, punished in recent months greatly. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the wrong thing, but the truth is that I always push myself to the limit, and tennis is a very stressful sport for the body and mind. Now I try to live with less anguish, less tense and rigid On the pitch, I seek balance and a more relaxed lifestyle in my day to day. I would like to send a message of normality. I wake up in the morning with the same fears, anxiety and thoughts as any other 27 year old. Let’s try to judge people lessI will try”.



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