Bayern-PSG: to dribble strikes, the Parisians leave for Munich 48 hours before the match

Never change a winning team. On the other hand, it is sometimes fashionable to upset the good old logistical habits. In an exceptional week, PSG thus opted for an unusual organization. For this knockout round of the Champions League return with dramatic overtones, the club from the capital will indeed fly to Munich this Monday afternoon, a little more than forty-eight hours before the kick-off of the encounter.

A great first this season for this PSG which, in this week of strike, wishes to avoid the slightest complication. Since he has been in post in the club of the capital, the Galtier-Campos tandem had, for the time being, never privileged to stay too long with a European opponent. On the contrary. Unlike some of his predecessors, the new Parisian coach even preferred to conduct his final training session at Camp des Loges the day before the European meetings, favoring tactical implementation away from prying eyes rather than taking cues on the match pitch. During the group stage, Paris had thus trained at home before joining Haifa, Lisbon and Turin in the afternoon the day before kick-off.

At rest on Sunday, the day after a success against Nantes (4-2) magnified by a superstar Mbappé, the Parisians will meet again this Monday for their first session of the week, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. at Camp des Loges. In the process, the Parisian delegation will fly to Munich where it will take up residence at the Hilton Park Hotel, where they will therefore spend two nights. The establishment located about ten kilometers from the Allianz Arena.

A stadium that, this time, the whole group will have the opportunity to discover beforehand. After Christophe Galtier and one of the Parisian players have taken part in the obligations of the pre-match press conference at 5.15 p.m., the Parisian players will carry out, one hour later, their very last training session before the clash of the the following day.


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