Basketball: Schröder on NBA contract: agent starts talks

Dennis Schröder’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires at the end of the season. In an interview, he says what is important for his future.

National team captain Dennis Schröder puts on the next contract in the NBA attaches great importance to a functioning overall package for his family.

“Playing for Darvin Ham was and is an honor for me. Of course I would always come back here, just because of Darvin, because we have the connection,” he told the German Press Agency, referring to the coach Los Angeles Lakers, who was already on the coaching staff at his first stop at Atlanta Hawks. “Nevertheless, I want my personal situation, for the family, to be right. Then it doesn’t matter where. But I have no problem playing here.”

contract expires

Schröder’s one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires at the end of the season. The main round ends in mid-April. “Of course I want to play until June, that’s everyone’s goal. Hopefully we’ll be there when the playoffs start. Then I’ll focus on the summer, I’ll take a little vacation with my family and then the World Cup will be over,” said the 29-year-old after the Lakers’ 111:105 against the Orlando Magic. “My agent is doing his job very well, is already starting to talk to people. I’m not worried about that. The better we play, the better the situation I find. So focus on that first.”

Basically, it is important to him that it fits his family. “That’s how I grew up, that’s how my wife grew up, that’s how we raise our children, that family plays a big role. In Europe you can see that too, with Alba or in Moscow, in Europe it’s more family-related – that’s there it’s not that common in the NBA,” said Schröder. “The way I play, how I want to play, is of course also a factor. My agent will do a good job there. I’m looking forward to it too.”

Two years ago, Schröder was in a situation where a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expired. At that time he had been traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Lakers and could not agree on an extension. The following season he played for the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets, making his second stint with the Lakers since the start of the season.



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