Baseball for the blind, the 2023 championship starts on March 26 for the Patrini Malnate

MALNATESunday 26 March at 10.30 at the Gurian Field in Malnate the Italian Championship 2023 for the team I Patrini Malnate Bxcwho will meet the Leonessa Brescia Bxc, one of the most competitive of the national team. 9 team of blind, visually impaired and sighted players will battle it out in the Italian diamonds going from Malnate to Seveso, from Milan to Brescia, from Bologna to Florence, from Perugia to Rome and Cagliari.

New coach

The major novelty announced at the debut of the championship is the passing of the baton from coach Francesco Volo to coach Matteo Boscardi, a former Vikings player who already had a brilliant season as a sighted second baseman. However, Volo remains fully operational for the team. It reconfirms the youth wave of the group which, incited by the veterans, was particularly strengthened technically this winter. Among the younger ones Fabio Trombini, Luca and Mirco Difrancescantonio, Richard Raddiri and Michelangelo Agnello. Presenting the first tender Captain Giuseppe Rosafio: «We’re excited, we’ve trained and it’s going to be a great season. We know that our team mates and opponents are very strong but we try to give it our all as always and every year. We will fight».

Sports and autonomy

The baseball industry is the spearhead of theApd Blind and Visually Impaired Sports Varesini and the president John Castiglione he is increasingly proud of the competitive results but even more of the usefulness of this team sport which encourages all athletes to improve their independence from home to the playing fields. After the opening match, the Patrini will return to the Malnate diamond Saturday 15th April at 12, when where will face i Cagliari. The live coverage of this Sunday’s match can also be followed on the Patrini Malnate Facebook page, but the team’s invitation is to participate personally in the stands to support the players.


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