Bartomeu’s statement before the Tax Agency for the Negreira case

About his relationship with Enríquez Negreira.

Bartomeu said that he knew him from having been a soccer referee and having coincided in the Spanish Soccer Federation. That he knew him from the press, not from having a relationship with him personally.

About whether he knew he was vice president of referees.

He replied that he knows that he had a position in the Federation but he did not know what position he had. That when the declarant went to the Federation he did not speak with this person but he did know that he held a position.

On the concept for which during his presidency Enríquez Negreira was paid the total amount of 3,742,322 euros.

He said that he was unaware that Mr. Negreira had a company that was billing the club, that the company belonged to Mr. Negreira’s son, Javier, who was the one who had the services contracted by the FCB.

About whether there was a contract with Javier Enríquez.

Bartomeu replied that he doesn’t know, that he thinks not.

About what services the company Tresep 2014 SL, managed by former director José Contreras, provided.

He doesn’t know. That he knew Mr. Contreras as a member of the Barcelona B Sports Commission, without him having administrative duties.

Asked if it is not true that Javier Enríquez Romero invoiced his work to the company Tresep 2014 and this to the FCB.

The former president replies that he does not know, that he did not see the invoices or know how he did it. He does not know how the payment and billing of any supplier was made.

Asked to say that this fact of invoicing through the company Tresep 2014 made the work more expensive by approximately 50%.

He doesn’t know, he replied.

On whether there was a verbal agreement between Bartomeu and Enríquez Negreira and what this agreement consisted of.

No, at least with declarer no.

About whether he met with Enríquez Negreira about six times a year.

It isn’t true. That, as he already said before, he has seen him at some time in the Federation and some day he supposes that on the soccer field, but nothing else.

About whether he was aware of the payments that the club made to Mr. Negreira’s companies.

He replies that at all times he thought that these amounts paid were for the work and services rendered by Mr. Negreira’s son.

On whether these payments were to guarantee that the decisions made in the Technical Committee did not harm the FCB.

His response was that this is absurd.

About whether José María Enríquez Negreira’s leaving the position of Vice President of the Technical Committee of Referees was the reason for the FCB not paying him.

He said no. That in 2018 the decision is made to reduce the expenses of the sports area in general, and one of the decisions that is made is to dispense with the services provided by Javier Enríquez. This decision was not made by the declarant (Bartomeu), but by the sports area, he believes that it was Pep Segura, who was the soccer sports director, and Òscar Grau, CEO at that time. In addition, other decisions were made regarding the reduction of expenses such as change of aviation company and other expenses.

Asked what benefits the club obtained as consideration for these payments.

The work that Javier Enríquez did provided information to file an appeal before the Federation, and to guide the coach.

About what other people were involved in the approval and authorization of these payments.

It assumes that whoever requests the service, surely the sports area.

Bartomeu wanted to state that when he became the sports vice-presidency, he was informed that Javier Enríquez did some services for the club consisting of refereeing reports and analysis of matches and sometimes gave refereeing talks at La Masia. Therefore, this is a service that has been carried out since the time of Laporta and Gaspart.

That he also wanted to state that at all times he was convinced that all the payments were for the work and services carried out by Javier Enriquez Romero and never that they were amounts paid to the companies of the father, José María Enríquez Negreira. That he always thought that the payments were only for Javier’s services.

At the request of the lawyer who assisted him, he was asked the following questions:

On whether the club’s Board has executive power.

He replied that the Board represents the club in all areas, and it is the one that approves the proposals of the directors and they are the ones who execute them.

On whether in this specific case the Board approved it.

Answer no, since this service had been carried out for many years. Nor did the decision to dispense with the services of Javier Enríquez go through the Board.

Asked to say if first as vice president and then as president he was aware of this service and the content of this service.

I knew this service existed but I didn’t know the content.

On whether the existence of this service was reasonable.

He replies that yes, it is important to make sporting decisions.

About whether he was ever aware that he paid something to José María Enríquez.

He said no, that he was always convinced that Javier was paid.

About whether these types of contracts reach the Board of Directors or whether they remain in the field of executives.

The jobs are proposed by the executives, facilitating two or more companies with the offers, and it is the Board that decides which of them will carry them out. In this case, as has been said before, it did not go through the Board since it had been carried out for many years.

You are asked to give an estimate of the club’s budget at that time.

About a billion euros.

About whether he received remuneration for being president of the club.

No, that the position is representative since he does not charge anything from the club, the declarant (Bartomeu) combined this position with his usual work.


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