Barcelona Sues Journalists and Media Reporters of Referee Bribery Scandal


Barcelona launched an attack on journalists and media who brought up the bribery case of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. The cules take them to court!

Barcelona is accused of bribing Negreira, former vice president of the Spanish Referees Committee (CTA). Blaugrana paid Negreira 8.4 million euros between 2001-2017.

The payment was made so that Barcelona would not be harmed by the referee. This case emerged based on a tax investigation into a company owned by Negreira, Dasnil 95 SL.

The Prosecutor’s Office has already filed a complaint against Barcelona. Meanwhile, The cules denied it bribed referees through Negreira.

Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, called this case a black campaign against his club. He threatened to strike back at those who cornered Camp Nou.

“Anyone who tries to tarnish the history and image of Barcelona will receive a stern response,” said Laporta.

Copy the report SPORT, Barcelona filed five lawsuits against various journalists and media outlets. They were accused of trying to damage the image Blaugrana with information regarding bribes to Negreira.

Barcelona’s demands were filed on Wednesday (22/3/2023). Another four lawsuits are planned to be filed the next day, with another five in preparation.

At the same time, Barcelona will set up an email for all members who wish to submit club information published by the media which they will sue for. With this way, The cules wanted to involve fans in the club’s defense in times of tension.

All these ways are done by Barcelona to maintain the reputation and legitimacy of their success. The club from Catalonia has been constantly questioned since the Negreira bribery scandal emerged.

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