Barcelona lied to the Treasury in 2021 to hide that Laporta rehired Negreira in 2005

He F.C. Barcelona chaired by John Laporta lied to the Ministry of Finance in November 2021 about hiring the alleged advisory services of the former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreirato hide the fact that Laporta himself rehired Negreira in 2005. The first hiring of the former number 2 of the referees was made by John Gaspart in 2001.

A 3-page letter from the blaugrana entity included in the summary of the Negreira case, to which he has had access digital freedomwas sent to the National Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) under the Ministry of Finance to answer a requirement about the hiring of the company Dasnil 95 SL of Negreira.

In its response to the Treasury dated November 8, 2021, Barça begins by recalling that “on 01/18/2021 it received a request for information in relation to the same company DASNIL 95 SL that was attended by the club. In said response , the club provided invoices, proof of the means of payment thereof, as well as all the information in this regard that it could collect“.

“Regarding the contracts, as stated in the response to the previous request, no contract was formalized in writing with said company. The club does not know the details of the formalization of the verbal contract, since we should go back to 2001, date of the first invoice received from said company. In other words, the people who should have negotiated these contracts are no longer employees of the club,” the letter added.

According to FC Barcelona chaired by Laporta, “in terms of the description of the services, these would correspond to those described in the invoices that were provided. Little more can be said regarding, as previously indicated, The people who negotiated these contracts are no longer part of the club’s squad.”

The document also states that “as regards copy of the reports, videos or any other physical support in which the service materialized, the club has not been able to locate them for the same reason stated above. This was stated by the club in Diligence N25 (date 02/27/2020) of the inspection to which it was subject and in which the inspection asked the club about the services of said company “:

In this regard, he stated during the visit that ‘Regarding his request for documentation, it has been impossible for him to locate it since the people in charge of such work are no longer at the Club and, therefore, the required documentation could not be found. , with which nothing more can be provided in relation to what is requested in this section'”.

Response from FC Barcelona to the Treasury.

We remember that Negreira received from Barcelona a total of €7.3 million between 2001 and 2018. The first payments were made during Gaspart’s presidency. As revealed by Football Leaks, when Laporta arrived he dispensed with Negreira’s services between 2003 and 2004. However, in 2005 he rehired him for 152.186 euros through his companies Dasnil 95 Sl and Nilsad SCP.

In 2006, he paid 221,278 euros, in 2007, 243,659 euros, in 2008, 285,398 euros and in 2009, 573,398 euros. That is to say, after dispensing with his services during his first two years in office, he hired him again for a figure that he ended up quadrupling in his last year in office. In total, Laporta’s Barça paid more than 1 million euros to Negreira. In principle, Laporta would not be charged since the alleged crimes for which the former presidents are being investigated Sandro Rosell y Joseph Maria Bartomeu would have prescribed in his case.

Laporta’s Barcelona signaled Soler and Grau

FC Barcelona also stated in its response to the Treasury that “as regards the individuals involved in the services provided, in the previously responded request, Mr. Javier Enríquez as contact person for DASNIL 95 SL. The address and telephone number that appear to the club are those established in the invoices”.

Lastly, I signaled to the former directors of Barça Oscar Grau y Albert Soler: “Regarding the people involved on behalf of the club, we must refer to what was stated above as soon as these people are no longer part of the club’s staff. Now, at an informative level, the people who helped prepare the answer to the previous requirement were the previous CEO of the Club, Mr. Oscar Grau Gomar and the previous Director of Sections (and former Director of Professional Sections), Mr. Albert Soler Sicilia”.


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