Barça’s problem to sign Gundogan

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Ilkay Gundogan has become the great Blaugrana objective to reinforce the midfield, whether or not Sergio Busquets renews. The Blaugrana club has the arrival of the Manchester City player well on track as long as there is a salary limit to sign him up, but there is no total agreement with the footballer. Gundogan’s financial claims are too high to sign his last big contract and at Barça they expect him to adjust his demands because they cannot and do not want to pay an exorbitant token.

Gundogan is a market opportunity. The midfielder has practically broken the negotiations to renew for City, who are not willing to pay him what he asks to continue. The English club proposed a short and low contract and considers a footballer practically lost who would look very favorably on moving to Spain to live to finish his sports career at the highest level.

The sports area of ​​the Blaugrana club has been testing the Gundogan option for months, although in recent weeks it has intensified contacts. And the problem is the salary and the transfer bonus that the footballer wants to receive when he arrives with the letter of freedom. At Barça they understand that he is a level footballer, but also that he will be 33 years old next October and the record must be adapted to the new salary scale of the Blaugrana team.

The duration of the contract would not be a problem because Barça is willing to give him the two-year contract that Gundogan is asking for. Despite everything, there is optimism in the club because the footballer wants to sign and there is a very good harmony with his environment. Gundogan will make the decision in April and the Blaugrana club has given him guarantees that, if they sign him, they will be able to sign him up for the first team.


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