«Ball possession does not exist», and the Caressa -Bucciantini- Corriere TV TV quarrel breaks out

A discussion lit on ball possession (after the Sunday postponement Milan-Atalanta) that leads to a fight . A Sky Football Club sparks between Fabio Caressa and its host Marco Bucciantini. We talk about statistics, more or less strong teams. According to Bucciantini it is no coincidence that the statistic in question marks higher percentages for the teams that win and are at the top of the Seria A standings. Caressa totally disagrees why, he says: “Ball possession from a statistical point of view it does not mean anything. Statistically, ball possession is an old thing…».

From the arguments we move on to strong tones. Bucciantini: «He’s not right, he’s wrong. I want to finish my concept, I let him intervene». To this sentence Angry Caressa he replies: «In case of anything it is I who let you intervene in here. Be patient”. And the clip of the dispute immediately went around the web. Credit: Twitter

Feb 28, 2023 – Updated Feb 28, 2023, 10:41 am



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