Badminton Zamora achieves the first goal of the season and will fight for promotion

He CD Badminton Zamora has already achieved one of its goals for the season: a place for the promotion phase to the First National Bronze Division of the Clubs League. The athletes from Zamora went with their swords raised to the final phase of the Second Division of the National League for clubs from the Community of Madrid. After positioning itself as first place in the group stage, CD Badminton Zamora traveled to the Madrid town of Guadarrama with the great challenge of the season in its sights: achieving the place that would allow the club from Zamora to fight for the long-awaited promotion. After great work and effort from all team members, this goal has become a reality.

CD Badminton Zamora attended with its two teams: Zamora A and Zamora B. The day began with the dispute of the semifinals. Zamora B had a complicated confrontation against CB Laguna. Despite the difficulty, the pass to the final was close, falling by a tight 4-3, which was decided in a mixed doubles match, tied for Laguna’s side in a last and fifth set.

Zamora Badminton Podium assigned

In the other semifinal, Zamora A continued to prevail with authority, winning their confrontation against Jarama Haws by a resounding 6-1.

In the fight for the bronze, the B team faced Jarama Hawks and, with a brilliant game by all the team members, they managed to climb to the third place on the podium, winning 6-1. Finally, it was time to fight for the ticket for the promotion phase. Zamora A was facing CB Laguna. With a great game, without nerves taking its toll, the victory fell to the side of the Zamoranos 5-2, thus obtaining the place to fight to climb to the First National Bronze Division.

When and where

After these results, CD Badminton Zamora will play the promotion phase in Tenerife on May 20where they will face the winners of the different leagues of the national Second Division (Liga Norte, Cataluña, Baleares, Andalucía, Comunidad Valencia and Islas Canarias) and the teams in a situation of relegation in the bronze league.

From the Zamora entity they are clear, and they transmitted it that way, that “the first step has been taken, but now is the time to continue believing in taking Zamora to the First Division Bronze, making a hole, season after season, among the best clubs of badminton at the national level”, commented those responsible for the Zamora club, which has revealed itself as an example of growth.


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