Badminton Almería continues adding medals: Mercapinturas adds 8 medals in Arjonilla | Sports

Last Saturday a scoring test for the national ranking of the sub 13, sub 15 and sub 17 categories took place in Arjonilla (Jaén) where the Mercapinturas Almería was present with thirteen flyers.

The players who represented the Mercapinturas club and the municipal sports schools were:

Sub 13: Alejandro Guijarro, Rubén Compañero, Daniel Aguilera, Lola Navarro and Victoria Pérez.

Sub 15: Ángel Alonso, Asier Torres, Daniel Montesinos, Rosana García and Luna de Juan.

Sub 17: Javier Basilio Calatrava, Marcos Montoya and José Francisco García.

The competition, which had a high participation with more than 160 players from the 8 Andalusian provinces, was an unprecedented success for the club with 6 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.


Javier Basilio Calatrava in sub 17 male singles and sub 17 male doubles

Alejandro Guijarro in individual male under 13

Marcos Montoya in sub 17 men’s doubles

Asier Torres in mixed doubles under 15

Rosana García in mixed doubles under 16


Marcos Montoya in sub 17 men’s singles


Daniel Montesinos in individual male under 15

In the words of the assistant club coach, Fernando Carrillo, the tournament has met expectations since the most experienced players have achieved great results that allow them to climb positions in the national ranking and it has also meant the debut in federated competition of several players /as sub 13 and sub 15 which makes us proud that the Almeria badmiton youth team continues to rise.

Mercapinturas gambles in Estella

Next weekend, days 6, 7 and 8 of the “Primera Oro” national club league will take place in Estella (Navarra) where the Almeria team will have to add three by three to get out of the relegation places where they are. at the moment. The people of Almería recover several of their players who were absent the previous day with the aim of solving key games in the lower zone of the table.


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