B1 Sendai 89ERS performed “Defense Action (Disaster Prevention Basketball)” against Alvark Tokyo on the 8th. He deepened his understanding of disaster prevention through basketball. Furthermore, before the start of the match, everyone, including the players of both teams, mourned the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and offered a moment of silence. We will continue to fight as a club in Miyagi so that the disaster will not be forgotten.

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President Takehiko Shimura (40), Shota Watanabe (24), and Raku Sato Basketball School Coach (40) participated in “Defense Action”. Evacuation drills were conducted with U9 children from the same basketball school in the event of a tsunami or fire. When Watanabe and others shouted “Tsunami” and “Fire”, the children dribbled toward a pole that looked like an evacuation site with posters saying “high ground” and “outdoors”. In the shooting showdown, which was divided into two teams, dodge either “high ground” or “outdoor” according to the shout and shoot. I learned physically to evacuate to high ground in the event of a tsunami, and to evacuate outdoors in the event of a fire. President Shimura said, “You can’t predict when something will happen. In fact, if you witness the moment, you may find it difficult to act. It is very important to improve your ability to detect danger and limit the damage. In the future, I hope that the children will remember what they did this time and have a time to look back on themselves,” he said of the training.

The match was lost to A Tokyo 60-86. In the first half, they conceded 35 goals, demonstrating solid defense, but conceded 51 in the second half. Yasuki Okada (23), who scored the team’s highest score of 13 points, said, “I think the Niners defense was good in the first half, but in the second half, we were beaten many times with the same play. Our failure to defend was the reason for the loss. ‘ he recalled.

In the first match, when the vocalist “Huang Fu” revived, they lost by 26 points. The next match against Ibaraki on the 15th will also be played at home. This time, I will respond to the “Daioan support”.[Hamamoto Kamui]

■ Fundraising to support the “Turkey/Syria earthquake”

On this day, a donation box was set up in the venue to support the “Turkey-Syria earthquake”. After the match, Sendai Nathan Booth (29), Juichi Kato (29), Hayato Kantake (36), A Tokyo Zack Baranski (30), and Reiji Sasakura (25) appealed to the boosters for donations. Booth, who played in the first division of Turkey in the 2017-18 season and last season, said: “For those who have lost family and friends, this is a truly tragic accident that is difficult to accept. We hope that their safety is protected. I hope that we will be able to move forward,” he said, expressing his thoughts to the people affected by the earthquake.