Austin Reaves: ‘When I was a rookie, LeBron asked me to buy him this’

Promoted to the Lakers for a few games, Austin Reaves impresses everyone, including LeBron James. But before considering him as a key element of the workforce, the King hazed him in a way that was surprising to say the least!

His career is reminiscent of that of an Alex Caruso, who is today the heyday of the Bulls. Austin Reaves continues to see his role grow at the Lakers, and therefore promises to be unsurprising coveted at the dawn of the next free agency. His coaches and teammates are therefore trying to convince him to continue his journey in Los Angeles, like LeBron James, who has been showering him with compliments these days.

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The funny hazing of LeBron James for Austin Reaves

Author of excellent performances in recent weeks, Reaves not only risks being approached by other franchises, but also on the international scene. A rating from which he was far from benefiting when he left the NCAA, where the Angelinos recovered him undrafted. As a simple rookie, the young rear has therefore not escaped the traditional hazing of veterans, and revealed that of LeBron in the podcast Point Forward :

I would say Rondo was the most demanding when I was a rookie. He was the one who asked me the most things, so he gave me a few dollars when I came back to give him. But other than that, Bron wasn’t really that kind. I think once he asked me to buy him an Xbox controller, so of course I did. He gave me a few bucks, but overall he pretty much left me alone.

If he could take advantage of his status with the Angelinos, and speak about his experience within the league in this kind of situation, LeBron James on the contrary would not be the meanest with the rookies. In any case, he would not have abused his power over Reaves, who therefore only had to offer him a simple joystick. By dint of playing Madden, the King must have ended up breaking his own. !

Joking aside, seeing LBJ being so conciliatory towards his young partner is surprising. Indeed, even if he was always considered a model teammate by those with whom he shared locker rooms, hazing a rookie could have encouraged him to be more “sadistic”. After all, some of his peers display an ultra-twisted imagination in these same cases!

Instead of sending crazy and unrealizable requests to Austin Reaves during his rookie season, LeBron James would have been content to order him… an Xbox controller. No wonder the “Hillbilly Kobe” is happy alongside its leader!



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