Austin Reaves already far from the Lakers? “He wants to stay there, but…”

Austin Reaves is the sensation of the moment at the Lakers, the young player having a great season in the City of Angels. Good news for the fans, although the interested party will therefore be able to ask for a big contract this summer. And this is precisely what could hasten his departure.

If you’re a Lakers fan, it’s hard to escape the Austin Reaves phenomenon. The latter is regularly compared to Alex Caruso for his impact on the team, which often goes beyond statistics. This is not always true, since the young player has achieved a recent mad feat, to the point of making it unheard of in the league in almost 60 long years.

A major departure this summer for the Lakers?

The thing is, AR15 is one of the best players on the roster, stars aside. Good news for an ambitious team, but a big headache in perspective this summer, since the person concerned will be a restricted free agent. As you can imagine, the interest is there from the competition…and Reaves says he’s ready to listen in a recent interview.

Austin Reaves says he would like to stay at the Lakers but the NBA is a business:

“Anyone who says this game isn’t for the money is a liar… I want to make as much money as possible and I can perform just as well no matter where I am. »

The offseason is not here yet, but the message is clear for Reaves: if the leaders do not give him the best possible contract, he will look elsewhere.

Recall that Reaves is a restricted free agent, which means that the Lakers have priority over the rest of the NBA. They will be able to offer him a maximum contract of 50 million over 4 years as soon as the market opens, or even more on condition of matching the offer of another franchise. Suffice to say that this file is not so easy to finalize today. One thing is certain: the fans want to keep it.

You have to pay the Lakers, don’t do like with Monk

Austin Reaves wants to make the money, no doubt because he is aware that everything moves very quickly in the world of the orange ball. Jeremy Lin can attest to that. The Lakers are therefore warned, remains to know the position of Rob Pelinka on the subject.


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