Aulas was afraid for his son at Geoffroy-Guichard

Jean-Michel Aulas revealed that his son Alexandre did not hesitate to do the ASSE – OL derbies in the Cauldron with a Gones jersey under his jacket.

On the sidelines of the release of his autobiography, Jean-Michel Aulas gave a long and fascinating interview to the Olympique-et-Lyonnais site. If he rarely talks about it in the media, the president of OL mentioned the career of his son Alexandre, acknowledging that the latter had scared him during the derbies at Geoffroy-Guichard.

“When I was at OL at the start, he went into the “kops” not to be recognized. He also went to Saint-Etienne with his OL jersey hidden under his jacket and, moreover, that scared me quite a bit, ”explains the father.

It is true that appearing in the stands of Geoffroy-Guichard with the OL jersey is a real risky activity…


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