Atlético Tucumán and Barracas Central tied in the “José Fierro”

The “dean”, who was superior during the first part of the game, equalized with the “handsome” with a great goal from Estigarribia.

23:34 hs

End of the game: Atlético Tucumán fell asleep and Barracas took advantage of it to tie

Atlético Tucumán and Barracas Central tied 1-1 at the “José Fierro” Monumental stadium, in a match corresponding to the eighth round of the Professional Football League (LPF).

Those from 25 de Mayo and Chile defeated the “handsome” with a great goal from Marcelo Estigarribia 25 minutes into the first half. However, in the complement, Barracas Central tied it with a bit of Facundo Mater.

23:14 hs

Goal of Barracas Central

At 35 minutes, Facundo Mater He hits a header that hits the crossbar and stings inside the goal.

23:05 hs

Pusineri makes new modifications

double change: exit Moses Brandán y Marcelo Estigarribia. They enter the field Hernan de la Fuente y Christian Menendez.

22:54 hs

Changes in Atlético Tucumán

At 19 minutes, Pusineri performs the first variant. Comes out Ignacio Master Puch And enter Renzo Tesuri.

22:34 hs

The second half started

Without changes, the team led by Lucas Pusineri he will seek to stretch the advantage against the “handsome” in the “José Fierro”.

22:21 hs

End of the first half: Atlético Tucumán is superior and beats Barracas Central

The “dean” was superior and managed to maintain the advantage until the end of the first half.

22:02 hs

Great goal!

After a great play by Matthew Colonel, Marcelo Estigarribia defined and opened the scoring for those of 25 de Mayo and Chile.

21:51 hs

Corner for the “dean”

At 16 minutes, the ball went to the corner. The person in charge of throwing it away is Bautista Kociubinski.

21:30 hs

The game started!

Silvio Makeup gave the initial whistle and Atlético Tucumán faces a difficult rival, Barracas Central.

21:14 hs

This is how the players arrived at the Monumental “José Fierro”

21:01 hs

Pusineri confirmed the headlines of Atlético Tucumán to face Barracas

What you have to know

Atlético Tucumán receives Barracas Central tonight at the Monumental “José Fierro” stadium, in a match corresponding to the eighth date of the Professional Football League (LPF).

The “dean” has six units in the standings and the “handsome” has eight.

The match is played from 9:30 p.m., with the arbitration of Silvio Makeup and the transmission of Public TV.



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