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Carlos Vizcaino

coincidence or not, the Popular Race of San José celebrates its thirty-eighth edition, the same as the recently held Seville Marathon, which gives the first sample of the luster of this test that has become an icon in La Rinconada and in the province. “We are very fond of it and it is already well established in the sport of the town. The board of trustees’ technicians do a great job every year,” he declares. Rafael Fernández Arteaga, sports delegate of the La Rinconada City Councilonce an elite athlete who took the name of the town of Vega del Guadalquivir in Andalusia and Spain during his time as a player for Club Badminton Rinconada.

“I have experienced the importance of sport in my flesh. It gives you values, it helps you to face life, challenges, to organize myself better… It is a lifestyle”, declares the corner councilor, whose consistory makes a firm and determined commitment for the sport for more than three decades that has turned La Rinconada into one of the epicenters of the practice of popular sport thanks to the numerous offer and response of the population as can be well seen next March 12 on the occasion of the celebration of the San José Popular Race.

“They carry out a great campaign approaching the educational centers so that the whole world finds out about the race. It is within everyone’s reach. Registration is free for children, there are many facilities so that parents can come to pick them up without problems. Afterwards, there is a great health and safety deployment that ensures the proper development of the test”, says Fernández, who adds that “it is one of the great events of the sport, marked on the calendar. Everyone knows when it is and they make a note on the calendar to prepare for it. It is very consolidated in the province. Triathletes and duathletes use it to prepare for other competitions.”

Con Deadline until March 8 to sign up, a campaign is carried out from the organization encouraging participation, even providing an incentive for those educational centers that have more enrolled. In addition, this edition has a solidarity motive. One of its tests, the Anniversary, over a distance of 1.6 kilometers, will have a non-competitive character and will benefit the Association of Women with Breast Cancer (AMAMA Sevilla).

The San José Popular Race is one of the cherries of La Rinconada’s sports policy that is structured thanks to public supply and demand. The municipal contribution is around 75,000 euros per year, approximately, in the management of sports facilities, without accounting for maintenance, which is the responsibility of the council. With a population of about 40,000 inhabitants, the inauguration of a third sports pavilion in the town (Pabellón de La Unión) is planned. which will have an indoor swimming pool, multipurpose rooms, three soccer fields (two artificial grass and one natural), three outdoor swimming pools and numerous outdoor courts.

In La Rinconada they are clear that sport is the vehicle for education in all its areas. “It’s essential from the early stages. Everyone chooses the sport they want, but it must be instilled in our society. Since I entered I was clear. You have to try to get to the maximum in your form, be it federated, to compete at a high level, or the one who does popular sport. The bet is comprehensive and the offer varied,” says Fernández.


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