ATALAR with Gold podium and Cup in Catamarca

ATALAR with Gold podium and Cup in Catamarca

The La Rioja Archery Association (ATALAR) had an excellent performance in the first Tournament of the year, reflecting the work of its archers during the preseason with training and fine-tuning of their teams.

In this sense, Iván José Bascary achieved first place in the Men’s Olympic Recurve Senior event, by adding 615 points, while Tomás Francisco Bascary was the winner in the Olympic Recurve of the Under-18 category, after adding 623 points.

The other members of the team that obtained first place were Uriel Muñoz in Recurvo Raso Escuela 20, where he obtained 508 points; Agustín Pérez Romero, who prevailed in the Sub-13 category in 15 meters, with 600 units, Brisa Herrera Oliva who won in PAF Recurvado Olímpico with 613 and Damián Barzola Palomeque, who took victory in Recurvo Olímpico Sub-13 in 20 meters, with 515 points.

In addition, Máximo Díaz obtained the second position in PAF Recurvado a 20 meters Sub-13 with 526 points and Jairo Muñoz was third in the Men’s Olympic Recurvado, after totaling 491 points.

Lastly, in the Master Category, José María Bascary ranked first with 592 points, finishing fourth in the final positions in the semifinals.


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