Arturo Reyes spoke again about his continuity and issued a warning

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The Junior coach thinks about the next match against Santa Fe and is confident that they will be able to win it.

Arturo Reyes.
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Arturo Reyes will not leave Junior unless the board makes the decision to say goodbye. For now, the coach prefers to focus on the next game and is convinced that they can beat Santa Fe. He wants to continue working and improve with his team. Will they give him another week?

Balance of the match against Envigado: “Compared to the match against Tolima, there were six players who didn’t start and after such a long trip, with the wear and tear that there was and the type of court on which it was played, the idea was to try to give strength to the team with variants and players that we thought they could give us at home. The first half was good for us but unfortunately what has happened to us in most games is that we don’t have effectiveness and it’s difficult to win games like that”.

Continuity as DT: “Regarding continuity, that is a decision that managers have to make. I am working and I feel strong to continue working. I hope and aspire to be able to reverse the situation (…) Every time I go to training I see and I feel the group is good, they are eager but the result has not appeared yet. We can move this forward”.

The plans he has in Junior: “We have a game next weekend and we want to win it, the team knows that we are going to win it. Whenever we have talked, the managers have been positive and they ask me before the games what I am thinking for the It has been a difficult start but a positive result against Santa Fe could bring us closer to the possibility of entering the eight”.


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