Argentina faces Curaçao in another friendly party

The Argentine National Team took just 2 minutes to clearly reach the Curaçao area. The first chance of scoring came from the feet of Lionel Messi, who dragged his marker and when he found space he threw a cross into the heart of the area that found Lautaro Martínez. The Inter striker was left alone facing goal, unopposed, but he stumbled and was unable to push the ball into the net. The play was annulled anyway due to an offside that, a priori, seemed non-existent.

At 10 minutes, the 10 of Argentina was the protagonist of another goal situation. This time, he combined with Nico González, found the gap to hit the goal and unleashed a left-footed shot that deflected off the leg of a Curacao defender. The ball took a strange effect and forced the rival goalkeeper to fly, who swiped the ball at the corner kick. Another notice from the world champion cast, who not only had control of the match, but also came with absolute clarity.

Two minutes later a new combination of Messi with a partner was born. This time it was Gonzalo Montiel, who went on the attack and played in the middle with the captain of La Scaloneta. Lionel unleashed a strong right hand, which found Eloy Room well placed to clear for a corner. In the next play, Lautaro Martínez had it, who took a half turn that went just wide. The game was all from Argentina, which at that point already deserved the 1-0.

After 20 minutes another excellent attacking combination came from Argentina, which This time it was born from the high recovery of Germán Pezzella and from the vision of Giovanni Lo Celso, who looked for Messi at the door of the area. What came next was all ten genius: feint, right-footed shot and enormous definition to reach goal number one hundred with the Albiceleste shirt.

La Scaloneta did not give its rival a break and stretched the lead after 22 minutes. This time, he took advantage of the passing game after a corner kick and thanks to a great advance from Germán Pezzella. The former River defender managed to head off, but a defender took the ball over the line. The rebound was taken by Nico González, who also hit a header to beat goalkeeper Eloy Room and thus establish the 2-0 score in Santiago del Estero.

At 24 of the first stage came the first concrete chance of Curaçao. While the Mother of Cities was having a real party, Juninho Bacuna tried to surprise with a shot from medium distance that went close, just wide. It was a lukewarm reaction, because a couple of minutes later Messi put together a masterful play that ended with a shot from Lautaro Martínez. The goalkeeper guessed the intention and kept the shot from the former Racing.

At 33 minutes, the Argentine soccer star stretched the lead with another excellent finish, after a great pass from Nico González, decisive in each attack by the National Team. The PSG star placed the ball against the right post of the Curaçao goalkeeper, who could do nothing to avoid the 3-0 draw. At this point in the match, there was no longer parity between the two teams.

Barely a minute later, Argentina reached the fourth cry of the night, this time from the tremendous punch of Enzo Fernández. The former River midfielder rubbed the lamp and took a right that slipped into Eloy Room’s left post, who only managed to see how the ball entered his goal. The entire Mother of Cities got up to celebrate Enzo’s second goal with the Argentine shirt and one of the most imposing ovations of the night was unleashed.

Lionel Scaloni’s team took this match very seriously and went into the break with another goal in their pocket. On this occasion, Giovanni Lo Celso hit a filtered ball for Messi, who faced between the center-backs and hit a lethal counter: El Diez defined with his left foot before the goalkeeper left and made it 5-0. A tremendous night for the top scorer of the history of the Argentine National Team. Total beating.

In the supplement, the game decreased in intensity and the goal situations diminished in the Curaçao area, which suffered much less. Lautaro Martínez had a one-on-one at the start of the second half that he defined as weak, at the hands of the goalkeeper. And the rival also had a dangerous free kick at the door of the area, which went wide.

With the changes, the game was ironed, but Argentina never lost the ambition to go for more. He was very close to the sixth goal after 25 minutes, in another masterful play by Lionel: he took a filtered pass from the galley that left Nico González face to face with the Curaçao goalkeeper. This time, Eloy Room won the individual duel and was left with the cry of the Scaloneta attacker.

At 32 minutes, the Argentine National Team reached a new advantage, this time from twelve steps. The Uruguayan referee sanctioned a hand ball inside the area and Ángel Di María took charge of the execution. With a subtle left foot shot against the right post, Fideo made it 6-0 and celebrated with his friend Lionel Messi, who gave him the shot and decided for the first time not to take a penalty. Immediately afterwards, Scaloni decided to remove Dibu Martínez and sent Franco Armani onto the field. The party was complete.

At 40 minutes, Argentina was about to score the seventh in a play that was born at Armani’s feet and ended with another definition by Messi, who almost placed the shot with a left foot that the Curaçao goalkeeper managed to grab. However, a minute later came the opportunity for Gonzalo Montiel’s goal, another former River. Paulo Dybala reached the bottom, threw the center back and Cachete defined first. The game ended up being an exhibition to continue the celebrations for obtaining a World Cup that will be eternal.


ARGENTINA (4-3-3): 23-Emilian Martinez; 4-Gonzalo Montiel, 19-Nicolas Otamendi, 6-German Pezzella, 8-Marcos Cuña; 17-Giovanni Lo Celso, 24-Enzo Fernandez, 20-Alexis Mac Allister; 10-Lionel Messi, 22-Lautaro Martinez and 16-Nicolas Gonzalez. DT: Lionel Scaloni.

Deputies: 1-Franco Armani, 12-Geronimo Rulli, 2-John Foyth, 3-Nicolas Tagliafico, 5-Leandro Paredes, 7-Rodrigo De Paul, 9-Julian Alvezarez, 11-Angel Di Maria, 13-Christian Rosemary, 14-Ezequiel Palacios, 15-Angel Correa, 18-Guido Rodriguez, 21-Paulo Dybala, 21-Lisandro Martinez and 26-Giovanni Simeone.

CURAÇAO (4-3-1-2): 1-Eloy Room; 3-Jurien Gary, 2-Cuco Martina, 4-Roshon van Eijma, 5-Sherel Floranus; 17-Brandley Quas, 6-Vurnon Anita, 14-Kenji Gorre; 10-Leandro Bacuna; 9-Rangelo Janga and 7-Juninho Bacuna. DT: Supported by Bicentini.

Deputies: 22-Tyric Bodak, 23-Trevor Doornbusch, 8-Godfried Roemeratoe, 11-Richairo Zivkovic, 12-Shanon Carmelia, 13-Justin Ogenia, 15-Nathangelo Markelo, 16-Xander Severina, 18-Elson Hooi, 19-Giovanni Troupée, 20-Kevin Felida y 21-Jeremy Antonisse.


Hour: 20.30 hs.

Estadio: Mother of Cities (Santiago del Estero)

TV: TyC Sports and Public TV

Referee: Gustavo Tejera (Uru)


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