Ancelotti hallucinates with what happens to Real Madrid

He said Van Nistelrooy that goals are like a ketchup bottle, that sometimes, no matter how hard you squeeze, nothing comes out and then everything comes out suddenly when you least expect it. and to Real Madrid He doesn’t know how to reopen the boat after the rout against Liverpool.

There are three games after the visit to Anfield270 minutes and only one goal, that of alvaro rodriguez at the end of the Madrid derby to avoid Atlético’s victory at the Bernabéu. That day it was difficult for Madrid to find the rival goalkeeper and the same thing happened to him later against Barcelona in the Cup and yesterday against Betis. «The team has made merits to get something else out of here, we have lacked a little bit of success in the last sectionthat last pass, associate and meet to have clearer goal actions, “said Lucas Vázquez, pointing to the same place where other of his teammates pointed after failing to hit Barça.

The white forwards have lost the tact, that necessary finesse to communicate with the ball and leave the other in front of the rival goalkeeper. Were 19 arrivals to the area of the madridistas at Villamarín, but, once again, that was not reflected in a difficult night for Claudius Bravowho only had to take out a dangerous ball in the final stretch, when Betis’ forces failed something.

Ancelotti pointed out in advance Rodrygo to open those spaces inside that rivals deny him. The Brazilian started, and perhaps that was precisely the problem, because he is not as decisive from the start as coming on from the bench. His goals come much more frequently in his appearances in the second half than as a starter and he did not have the key against Betis either. As the star couple in Madrid attack did not have it: Vinicius and Benzema, who have not seen the door since their feast at Anfield. “We were able to do much better at the top in terms of efficiency. One more dribble, one less cross, one less leaked ball… We are at this moment in which we are not making the right decision. In the last three games we have scored a goal from set pieces and this is something rare after what happened at Anfield. It is obvious what we are missing. We have to be more effective. Sometimes the rivals close, but we have the quality to do better and be more forceful. It can be shot from outside and we have done little. And in the end we have not put centers to Álvaro, we have to look at each other less and be more direct, ”reflected Ancelotti, who does not see the League as impossible. “It is possible, although complicated”, recognized.



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