An unpublished video shows the behind the scenes of “What are you looking at, fool?” Messi in the World Cup in Qatar

It is part of the film of the last World Cup released by FIFA. Weghorst can be seen from the perspective of the Argentine captain after the duel with the Netherlands.

Just over three months before the World Cup final in Qatar, unpublished images continue to appear. In this case, it is a moment that was immortalized for all Argentines: the “what are you looking at, fool?” from Lionel Messi to Wout Weghorst after the spicy quarterfinal duel against the Netherlands.

The game had heated up since the previous one due to the statements by coach Van Gaal, to whom Messi dedicated an anthological Topo Gigio, and the story came to a head during the penalty shootout, in which several Dutchmen went to rush Lautaro Martínez and other Argentine kickers.

After the meeting, ready to speak for the Argentine camera, Leo exploded when he saw Weghorst and blurted out his: “What are you looking at, fool? What are you looking at? Go, go there…”. What had not been seen was what was happening on the other side and now that precise moment appeared in a fragment of the World Cup film presented by FIFA.

“It’s one of the most dramatic nights so far in the most dramatic of the World Cups,” says the voiceover while the images show Weghorst, who yells something at Messi and gesticulates. The Argentine captain is ready to speak to the press but at one point he sees him and looks at him. It is the origin of the phrase that later became a shirt, became a song, a tattoo and more.

In fact, Weghorst stares at Messi while he speaks -with an unattractive face- and that’s when Leo invites him to circulate in a perfect Rosario. Before, he had also been arguing with Lautaro Martínez and Kun Agüero.

What Messi and Weghorst said

The first to refer to the crossing was Leo, still hot because of the attitude of the Dutch striker, who had come on from the bench and scored the two goals in the agonizing tie for the European team. “The 19th since he entered began to provoke and it seems to me that this is not part of football”, Leo threw.

after his own Weghorst gave his version: “I wanted to shake his hand after the game, I have a lot of respect for him as a soccer player. But he threw my hand to the side and didn’t want to talk to me. My Spanish is not very good but he said disrespectful words to me and that disappoints me. Really disappointing “. However, from these new images that became known, It is clear that the intention of the Dutchman was not to have a pleasant chat with the Argentine 10…


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