An elephant in the room – The penultimate living Raulista

Except for some media, including of course Libertad Digital and EsRadio, the Barçagatehe biggest scandal in the history of Spanish sportsbegins to be that elephant in the room that most prefer not to have to talk about in order to comfortably continue with their lives. “Elephant in the room” It is a metaphorical expression that refers to an obvious truth that is ignored or goes unnoticed. It is based on the idea that it would be impossible to miss the presence of an elephant in a room, so those people who are locked in with it try to ignore it despite its enormous size. If the role that some of the media are playing were not so depressing, it would even be funny to see them dissembling while the elephant bellows, splashes in the water and defecates. An elephant can eat about two hundred and fifty kikos of food a day, which ends up producing about fifty kilos of manure.

And now let us think for a moment about those journalists from Sports world the one of Sport circling around that large pile of feces expelled by a large African elephant who is in the same room as them. Let’s imagine them with a clamp on their noses, avoiding the gigantic poop, to which the flies that enter from the street are already approaching, avoiding a giant weighing seven thousand kilos and four meters high. That’s why I say that if it weren’t tragic, the scene would be worthy of a Blake Edwards comedy. If the justice system lets it die, the European institutions do not control it and international journalism does not pursue it and hunt it down, the elephant will simply cease to exist and will become like one of those imaginary friends that we invented as children.

How can we go on with our lives knowing what we already know? Someone who is not dedicated to this of course can but, how can a sports journalist ignore the elephant? To what is already known, which is serious enough to paralyze the competition, has been added what we learned on Sunday and what we have read today. yesterday, and thanks to The confidentialit was learned that the Prosecutor’s Office asked the Spanish Federation about the Negreira case, although without expressly citing it, nine months before the scandal broke out, and at that window they said it was compatible. What, and through the same newspaper, has been known today is that Negreira junior, or Negreirita, informed the Fútbol Club Barcelona of the “habits and tastes” of the referees “so that it could serve them better”. The son of the former vice president had contact with Bartomeu, Albert Soler, Eric Abidal, Óscar Grau, Pep Segura and with the delegates of the first team and Barça B.

As much as they avoid its gigantic presence, the big elephant is still there, mainly eating and shitting. He is going to continue doing it (as far as shitting, I mean) for a long time and, meanwhile, there are those who want us to play three in a row from the VAR now if Asensio has a shoulder in front or a foot behind. Even the presence of Roures managing the images according to his own needs, cutting, pasting, stealing at his whim, is already a minor issue. The great elephant produces kilos and kilos of dung, at a rate of three hundred and fifty a week, fourteen hundred a month. You have to have a face made of reinforced concrete or an anosmia, that is, an inability to detect smells, of the first degree to pretend that our football life can continue without further ado, as if the pachyderm simply did not exist. It exists, it does exist. And he shits, wow he does shit. Shit lots. And if we don’t do something soon, the feces skyscraper will bury the Spanish League, if it has not already done so.



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