An angry neighbor invites himself on the ground with his scooter

Passive-aggressive neighbours, we all know at least one.

Sometimes it’s for the noise, sometimes it’s for the time you mow the lawn, and other times it’s for a reason as absurd as the height of your cedar hedge.

The boundaries of good neighborliness are nebulous.

But this story from the Netherlands shows us how an angry neighbor can put on quite a show during a match.

The neighbor and his scooter

When you think of the first division of the Netherlands, the Eredivisie, you imagine a packed stadium in Amsterdam to see Ajax, for example. But here, we are moving more towards the modest level.

The whole thing takes place during the third division match between Venhuizen and Vitesse’63. Battling relegation, both teams stepped it up a notch in the weekend game despite the stadium’s more modest facilities.

Modest how?

An angry neighbour, after a few complaints, decided to take control of the situation by inviting himself into the field with his scooter.

For what? Because the noise of the fireworks before the match bothered his horses.

As Veenhuizen is a small club close to its community, the neighbor is known to the organization and the situation is obviously delicate. The team president, without naming said neighbour, even clarified that he had already played for the younger club.

His way of expressing his dissatisfaction is particular, but the message gets through. The club apologizes and will be careful not to be a bad neighbor in the future.

But hey, being angry enough to charge the terrain with your scooter… that’s another level of passive-aggressive.


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