Amouranth launches a new OnlyFans account with a radically different concept

The controversial streamer begins a slow conversion and unveils her brand new project with more accessible content.

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With this new project, Amouranth takes a 180 degree turn. Primarily known for her adult content, the Twitch star is now branching out into creating family videos.

Amouranth begins its conversion

After entering the world of boxing, Amouranth makes another unusual and bold decision for his career. In an interview with EssentiallySportsKaitlyn Siragusa unveiled her new project she’s been working on for weeks: a new kind of account on the OnlyFans spin-off platform named OFTV.

But this time, exit the content for adults, small outfits and seductive photos, the streamer wants to offer content accessible to all. Although it did not give more details on the “family” content it plans to offer, we do know that OFTV already offers cooking, archery, boxing and gardening videos… In short, a wide range of content, let’s say more “safe”.

A smooth transition

This is not the first time that the streamer has indicated that she wants to change her life and invest in projects that are close to her heart. Few months ago, Amouranth revealed that he wanted to build a shelter for abandoned animalsand use its notoriety to raise awareness of animal welfare. The streamer even said that it was her ultimate life dream.

However, Amouranth will continue her activity as a streamer and creator of adult content on OnlyFans and Twitch. It must be said that with revenues that exceed one million dollars every month thanks to her loyal subscribers, it’s hard to imagine Kaitlyn ceasing these activities overnight, even if it means facing extreme demands. The streamer has also invested heavily in various projects by acquiring a gas station, then buying Amazon shares.


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