All the carousel of changes of couples that “caused” the breakup of Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello

Asorrows we carry five tournaments (Abu Dhabi, Doha, La Rioja, Chile and Paraguay) and the couple changes have multiplied in the paddle tennis The last weeks. A trend that is usually common in the middle of the season but that has now appeared very soon and with a indicated epicenter: the rupture of Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello.

The Spaniard and the Argentine decided to end the risky project with the change of Navarro to drive and after the South American tour they will start with their new partners. A change that, like a ‘cascade’, was influencing towards lower positions in the ranking and leaving a panorama ofTremendous changes for the Reus Open 500 and the Granada Open 1000.

Although many have not been announced (others yes, in the list of registrations for the tournament of the Catalan town), MARCA has been able to confirm that the new couples will be the following.

Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto

Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz

Momo Gonzalez and Miguel Yanguas

Javi Garrido and Jon Sanz

Michael Lamperti and Tino Libaak

Pablo Cardona and Alex Arroyo

Javi Leal and John Cruz Belluati

Ivanxo Ramirez and Josete Rico

Leo Augsburger and Javi Rico

Jorge Ruiz and Salva Oria


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