“Alcaraz is the Mike Tyson of tennis”

LI praise you towards Carlos Alcaraz They come from all sides after winning the title at the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, ending Daniil Medvedev’s unbeaten run.

Gilles Cervarathe Russian’s French coach, spoke to L’Equipe about the qualities of the young man from Murcia whom he compares to Myke Tyson: “He is the Tyson of tennis because of how he is able to hit those forehands with the racket. There were blows that moved Daniil 10 meters with brutal power and speed“.

Cervara acknowledges that they had prepared the final well and that they knew about the qualities of number one.”but he is an amazing player. Leave rivals without options. We thought he would make mistakes and it seemed like he couldn’t fail. We will have to start looking for its weak points for the future“.

The two finalists last Sunday in Indian Wells The faces could only be seen in the final of the Miami Opensecond TMS of the calendar that begins this Wednesday.


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