Ahn Jae Hong & 2AM Jinwoon to follow SLAM DUNK in movie ‘Rebound’? “I was told it was a blessing from God” (Comprehensive) – Kstyle

Director Jang Han-joon, screenwriter Kim Eun-hee, and actor Ahn Jae-hong gather together to continue the basketball boom in the theater district through ‘Rebound’.

On the morning of March 14th, a press conference on the production of the movie “Rebound” was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk Univ. in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Shinyoung, 2AM’s Jinwoon, Kim Taek, Jung Gunju, Kim Min, and Ahn Jiho attended.

The film tells the story of the 2012 Korean National High School Basketball Tournament, a miracle-like story of eight days in which the new coach of the bottom-ranked basketball team, which no one paid attention to, and the six players continued to run without rest. It’s a moving true story. It depicts the true story of the basketball club of Busan Jungang High School, which caused a miracle at the 2012 Korea Basketball Association Jangbang National Middle and High School Basketball Tournament.

In particular, this work is a new work by director Jang Han Joon, who directed the movie ‘Night of Memories’ and participated in the script of the drama ‘Sign’ as well as the variety show. Back in 2012, when I saw the news about the Busan Jungang High School basketball team, I was fascinated by their story, which was more dramatic than the movie.

She is the wife of Kwon Sung-hui, the screenwriter of the movie “The Man Called Black Venus” and the Netflix series “The God of Narco,” and director Jang Han-joon, and the writer of the Netflix series “Kingdom” and the drama “Signal.” Kim Eun-hee’s script drew attention from early on. Kang Yang-hyun, a new high school basketball MVP coach, and 6 players, who have been assigned to Busan Jungang High School, which has lost its past glory of basketball, will show the excitement they achieved at the 2012 National High School Basketball Tournament. The representative storytellers hit it off and produced it as a movie.

On this day, director Jang Han-joon said about the production of “Rebound”, “I made it as close as possible to a true story. I thought about Jin’s appearance.I tried to reproduce the feeling of the time, from the hairstyle to the training wear to the casual clothes, so that people would think, ‘Is it really necessary to do such a thing?’

In 2012, when I was taking a break from the drama ‘Sign’, I think the news about the true story of ‘Rebound’ was reported. Production company CEO Jang Won-seok confirmed the news and immediately contacted coach Kang Yang-hyun, saying, “Someday, I want to turn your story into a movie. Please give me permission.” The project started at that time, and the screenplay was written by screenwriter Kwon Sung-hui.Nowadays, “SLAM DUNK” sparked the basketball craze, but at the time, it was hard to imagine making a film about basketball. The production company continued to work with the idea that “I have to make it someday.” Five years ago, I received my first directing offer. It was all a true story.’ I didn’t know the details, but I searched for the actual article again.My wife (playwright Kim Eun-hee) also saw the script and said, ‘I have to do it.’ ’, and I decided to direct immediately,” he told me about the behind-the-scenes story.

Director Jang Han-joon said, “When Kim Eun-hee saw the script, he asked me, ‘Can I revise this?’ We talked about how to fix it, but the result was satisfactory.” He said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with wonderful people, including scriptwriter Kwon Sung-hwi. I just got interested in basketball with ‘THE FIRST SLAM DUNK’. They’re so excited that they’re calling me ‘a blessing from God’ online,” he joked.

In the drama, Ahn Jae-hong played the role of Kang Yang-hyun, who was selected as the new basketball coach of Busan Jungang High School. In the past, Yanghyun was the MVP of high school basketball, but while he was active in the second league, Yanghyun became a public service worker and became a coach. He joins the basketball club of his alma mater Jungang High School, which has lost his past fame, and has a dream again. Since he is the first coach, he is not good at it and makes a lot of mistakes, but he gathers players with his passion and fun to love basketball, trains them, and achieves remarkable growth by leading the bottom team to the finals.

For this role, he gained weight and completed a visual that looks exactly like coach Kang Yang Hyun. In addition to paying attention to hairstyles and small props, we analyzed all the game videos, interviews, and press materials at that time, and checked the eyes, gestures, and actions of coach Kang Yang-hyun. perfectly reproduced.

Regarding the casting of Ahn Jae-hong, director Jang Han-joon said, “Among the young actors, I was looking for someone who was most similar to the basketball players of Busan Jungang High School. When I saw Jae-hong, I thought, “It would be nice if I gained a little more weight.” He’s about the same height as coach Kang Yang-hyun. , Ahn Jae-hong also has a solid lower body among actors.There was something in common.That’s why I gave him the script first.I remember how happy I was when I heard that he would appear in a few days.” Stated.

Ahn Jae Hong said, “I thought it would be best to increase the synchro rate with coach Kang Yang Hyun as much as possible. That’s why I thought that the dramatic story would be conveyed more realistically, so I gained 10 kg in one week. It wasn’t difficult at all.It was fun to increase the weight with a goal.On the contrary, it was hard to stop at 10kg.I still remember his smile when I met the coach for the first time after the weight increase.”

In addition, he said, “The production team gave me a USB that contains all the materials related to the true story, but it was 30GB. I watched all the videos and checked in detail what the coach would give me, and I could see the expressions on the players’ faces. I grasped that feeling and tried to express it in the movie.It felt like I was actually participating in the national competition.

Here, Lee Shin-young played the role of Ki-bum, who was evaluated as a “genius guard” in middle school, but fell into a slump, and Jin-woon swept the middle school basketball world with Ki-beom, but gave up his dream due to injury. is a soccer player but plays basketball for the first time, Jung Gun Joo plays Kang Ho who has only played street basketball, and Kim Min played the role of Jae Yoon, who has been on the basketball team since elementary school but was a “permanent bench”. Jiho played the role of Jinwook, a new member of the energetic basketball club, and performed enthusiastically.

“Rebound” will be released in South Korea on April 5.

Reporter: Kim Nara, Photo: Song Il-seop


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