After the Pan-American Judo Open, the change is noticeable in Colombia

After the Pan American Judo Open that took place over the weekend in Medellín ended, it can be concluded that there is a change for what is to come, especially thinking about the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

After what the Olympic medalist Yuri Alvear achieved, the national judo has wanted to look for a replacement so that there can also be more representatives of the country in the main competitions around the world.

During this event, the national judokas climbed to the top of the podium 3 times, leaving very good feelings.

The first to do so was Erika Lasso from Valle del Cauca, in the 48 kilograms, who won gold after defeating Cuban Zamarit Gregorio in the final.

From then on other athletes emulated that feat. In the 60 kilograms, Johan Rojas, from Risaralda, took the gold medal and, incidentally, ended a streak of 5 finals, taking silver. Rojas beat one of the best in the world, the Brazilian Ryan Conciencao, in the final.

While in the 52 kilograms, the first place went to Nikol Pencué from Valle del Cauca, who defeated Francine Echevarría from Puerto Rico in the final. In the 63 kilos, María Villalba managed to keep the silver.

On the other hand, Daniel Paz, from Valle, reached the final of 90 kilograms, surpassed only by another reference, the Brazilian Rafael Maceda.

Other notables were Arkangel Barboza and Ferney Ruiz. Both left with the bronze in the 73 kilograms. Juan Landazuri and Elmer Orejuela did the same in more than 100 kilograms.

Angelina Palace placed second at +78 kilograms. Connational Estefany Landazuri was bronze in the same division.

near powers

In summary, 19 countries were present in Medellín, highlighting the team from Venezuela and Cuba. Colombia got 3 gold medals, 5 less than Brazil, the dominator of the general medal board.

The president of the Colombian Judo Federation, Wilson Figueroa, stated that the balance of the contest was very good.

“It is good, above all, for what has been achieved in the lightweight divisions, where Colombia promises international achievements, with a view to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2028,” said the manager.

judges and logistics

In addition to the new blood of national judo, it is also necessary to highlight, in addition to the athletes, an important group of judges, led by Jairo César Cisneros and Mauricio Rodríguez, who fulfilled an outstanding performance in their role of imparting justice.

The Pan American Judo Confederation congratulated the work team, organizer of the Tour stop that continues in Panama


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