After the “guaranteed success” of the Senior Badminton Master, Medina del Campo is preparing for a new appointment in April

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Yaiza Cobos.- During March 18 and 19, the Pablo Cáceres Sports Center in Medina del Campo has become the epicenter of a multitude of athletes willing to play the Senior Badminton Master. A weekend that, the councilor for sports Juan Antonio Pisador, has described as “massive public, expectation and participants.” And it is that, the municipal facilities of the town brought together more than 150 athletes who played some 350 games.

An influx of public that also benefited from the coincidence of other regular activities that the sports center hosts, such as football and sports schools. With this, from the Municipal Sports Service they say they feel “very happy with how the whole tournament has evolved”, this being “a guaranteed success”.

Hundreds of athletes played several matches, both in individual, mixed or double categories and, the mayor, points out that they ended up “very happy” in this first badminton event of the year. For two days, the municipality has received the visit of senior athletes from all over the country; even from the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

After these good results, it is now when the City Council of Villa de las Ferias is preparing to carry out another event of this nature. Thus, on April 8 and 9, the Pablo Cáceres Sports Center will again host a Badminton Masters but, this time, in the Sub15 and Sub19 category.

“It would be impossible to cover such a number of athletes in just one weekend and that is why we divided the competition,” says Pisador. With this, the Consistory expects a greater public attendance since the participants will attend the meeting together with their relatives or relatives. “It will be a greater influx not in participants, but in companions,” he says.


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