After Embiid in EDF, the crazy rumor Austin Reaves!

As the 2023 World Cup and especially the Paris Olympics approach, all countries are trying to compose the best team possible. While France tries to rally Joel Embiid to his cause, Austin Reaves could put on the outfit of another European nation, he who shines at the Lakers.

The Lakers have players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis or D’Angelo Russell, but the star of the moment is called Austin Reaves. A favorite of the Californian public since his arrival two years ago, the former undrafted player is a hit on the court as his people fight for a place in the playoffs. Result, the guard just let go unheard of in 60 years.

The future of the guy looks promising, he who could extend to LA for 50 million dollars over four years this summer. A colossal sum for a player who has gone so far… But above all, AR15 will perhaps have the opportunity to show even more things by integrating the FIBA ​​scene. Obviously too fair to play with Team USA, he could on the other hand represent… Germany, as revealed by journalist Robert Arndt!

Austin Reaves soon to be a member of the German selection?

According to information from SPOX, Reaves has had a German passport for several months. This was made possible by the fact that Reaves’ grandmother is German. There are also other German connections, as Reaves’ brother Spencer will play for Brose Bamberg next season and was already active in ProA for Bayer Giants Leverkusen last year.

Note that the case is not new since this revelation dates from the summer of 2022. Aware that he will certainly never play for the United States, Reaves however has a much better chance of integrating the Mannschaft. If this one has some interesting elements in the backcourt with in particular Dennis Schröder in the lead, the workforce lacks a bit of talent against the other nations.

If he is not a superstar either, the Californian nugget would bring defense, toughness and a certain long-distance efficiency that would certainly not displease coach Gordon Herbert. As for the German fans, we would in any case not say no to such a reinforcement whereas on the side of France, it is Joel Embiid who could join the EDF. Some are already seriously inflamed:

Schröder and Reaves together with Germany

Like Joel Embiid, Austin Reaves could therefore also change nationality on the courts and wear the colors of Germany. Not sure it will be done before the 2023 World Cup, but the Mannschaft would greatly benefit from his qualities as a player.


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