After a fight: rapper 6ix9ine was hospitalized

6ix9ine (26) causes a stir again. The rapper not only draws attention to himself with his songs, in his past he had committed a number of crimes and was therefore in prison. Just a few days ago, he was expelled from a baseball stadium for bullying and causing unrest among the other visitors. Now another incident happened: Due to a fight, Tekashi had to go to the hospital!

Sea TMZ The 26-year-old was beaten up by a group of men at a South Florida gym. Because of his severe injuries 6ix9ine taken to a clinic in an ambulance. The “Trollz” singer’s lawyer reported that his client was suddenly attacked and brutally beaten. The attackers fled before the police could get to the scene. Nothing is known about the rapper’s current condition.

The incident happened in the gym’s sauna. had at the time of the robbery 6ix9ine none of his security guards by his side. Employees of the sports studio noticed the argument and the unrest and immediately called for help.

6ix9ine in March 2021
6ix9ine in March 2020
6ix9ine, November 2018


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