Adrián Martínez, the Instituto striker who was imprisoned and scored against Boca in La Bombonera

He was the author of the second goal for the Cordovan cast, who struck as a visitor for the eighth date of the Professional League, after having spent seven months behind bars.

The story of Adrian Martinez looks like a movie One of those that have a happy ending. Emerged from Defensores Unidos de Zárate (CADU) and with a past in Atlanta, the 30-year-old striker had very good passages in Paraguay, where he broke it playing in Freedombut before all this, andThe Institute player had a time in jail for an act of which he was not guilty.

The celebration of the Instituto players after Adrián Martínez’s goal (Photo: AFP).

Wonder, as they call him, in 2014 he was unjustly imprisoned for seven months. A brother of his, who was 16 years old, had been shot. And there were people who took revenge by burning the house of the attackers who fired three shots at it. The criminals who suffered revenge blamed him and he spent seven months in prison in Unit 21 of Campana. He assured that while that revenge took place he was in the hospital where the family member was being treated.

Its not cute. Lots of things happen. There is a lot of hunger. You sleep, eat and lie down in the same place“He recalled his time behind bars in 2018, in a note with TN. Now everything is going better for Adrián Martínez, who left this stage behind and is now the third top scorer in the Professional League, with four goals in eight games.

The summary of Boca vs Institute

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