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The acrobatic gymnastics It is a sports discipline that focuses on perform stunts and balance moves with the help of two to six athletes.

In this sport, the gymnasts perform a series of routines which consist of lifts, throws, pyramids and other movements that require strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Similarly, during competitions gymnasts perform these movements in three categories: Mixed couples, group of women and men.

Gymnastics is a sport that develops strength, agility, endurance and control skills.

Likewise, within the competition modality, three types of routines must be performed: balance, dynamic and combined, which must be choreographed by the gymnasts and executed on a mat.

However, athletes are also required to perform individual and group demonstrations.

For the balance and combined routines according to the FIG, International Gymnastics Federation, there are two minutes and 30 seconds and two minutes for the dynamics.


According to the Federation, the most important thing about this modality is to demonstrate before the juriesstrength, flexibility and agility.

Its main characteristic is that the athletes remain in contact when an element is performed in pairs or groups, since the balance elements must be held in a static position for 3 seconds so that they are valid by the jury.

Likewise, in the case of groups, a minimum of two pyramids must be performed, separated from each other in the routine.


In this routine, athletes use flights consolidated individually or in groups, which can be assisted with the catch of a partner, or performed in a synchronized dance between the gymnasts.


As its name indicates, it is a mixture made up of elements from the previous routines, since elements of balance and dynamic exercises must be included.

Despite the fact that the modality of this sport was consolidated in 1939, its great debut was not until the 2018 Olympic Games.

For now it is expected that the category will be maintained, for the next Olympic cycle of Paris 2024.


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